Infrastructure, Basic Services Bolstered -GoL Report Unveils Gains In Masses-Centered Initiatives

MONROVIA: Amid all the hullabaloo amongst academics, politicians and theorists regarding socioeconomic transformation of a country, Liberia not exempt, no development initiative appeals more to the emotion and approval of the ordinary majority of the people than social services. Social services not only heal the immediate felt needs of a people, they also are visible, tangible and instantly impactful. Perhaps that is while the Unity Party focused its 100-Day Deliverables more on infrastructure and social services, such as roads and other critical infrastructural interventions. In its post-implementation report released to the public, the Government unveiled incredible strides and accomplishments that herald an apparent stern determination on its part to address the hugely challenged infrastructure and social services sector of the country. The Analyst reports.

Its predecessor, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), leaving an unarguably deep passion and legacy in tackling the dire social services and infrastructure nightmare of Africa’s oldest republic, it seems the governing Unity Party is striving to beat the record. Already its 100-Day Action Plan, which ended a few days ago, the Boakai-led administration is reporting enormous progress in so short a time in improving road corridors, water and sanitation, education, health amongst other people-centered initiatives.

It can be recalled that weeks after inauguration held 22 January 2024, the UP government, presided over by former Vice President now President of the Republic, Joseph Nyumah Boakai, announced an accelerated development deliverables for its first 100 days in office.

Actual work starting months later, with constituting the new government taking off some time, the Government assumed the implementation for at most two months, and last week it released a report of its achievements for the period.

According to the government, the strategic design of the 100-Day Action Plan was based on a deep understanding of the current governance and microeconomic situation and the challenges that needed immediate action.

Rooted in the vision of the Unity Party Alliance (UPA) campaign manifesto and its Agriculture, Roads, Rule of Law, Education, Sanitation and Health, Tourism (ARREST) framework, the 100-Day Action Plan outlined and prioritized based on findings not only from Joint Presidential Transition Teams’ engagements across all sectors of government but also diverse technical engagements and coordination.

According to the government, due to resource constraints, it appropriated US$23,488,543 for the implementation of its 100-Day Action Plan, the funded interventions ranging from accelerating the fight against corruption, making primary roads pliable in all seasons, fight against drugs and substance abuse to the commencement of training 10,000 youths in ICT across the country.

Reporting on the implementation of the plan, the Government revealed “impressive achievements” in the infrastructure and the basic social services sector.

Road Corridors

The Government has reported that critical road corridors identified across the country; all contracts awarded; contractors received first set of disbursement; critical spots across the country are currently being aggressively worked on in anticipation of the rainy season, and echanical clearing of vegetation, trees and stumps are ongoing.

The report also says there is grading, reshaping to form road camber and compaction are ongoing; installation of cross drain at water crossing; Critical spots across the country are being maintained and are pliable.

The government reported steady gains in the road sector, making interventions in the total of 783 kilometers of laterite roads across the country.

Some of the corridors include: Rehabilitation and Maintenance of the Salayea to Voinjama Road Project of 115 km; rehabilitation and maintenance of the Voinjama to Foya Road Project of 63km; rehabilitation and maintenance of the Foya to Mandikorma Road Project of 16km and rehabilitation and maintenance of the Brewerville to Gbaoe Road Project, 44.50km.

Other achievements, the government reported, are the ehabilitation and Maintenance of the Gbaoe to Bopolu Road Project, 44.50km; rehabilitation and maintenance of the Tappita to Zwedru Road Project, 115km; rehabilitation and maintenance of the Zwedru-Kanweaken Road corridor, 110km; rehabilitation and maintenance of the Buchanan-Saturday Town (ITI Corridor) Road Project, 30km.

The 100-Day Action Plan also carried out rehabilitation and maintenance of the Saturday Town – Cestos Junction (ITI corridor) Road Project, 35km; rehabilitation and maintenance of the Cestos Junction – ITI (ITI Corridor) Road Project, 40km; rehabilitation and Maintenance of the ITI – Greenville Road Project, 95m.

Other road initiatives are: Rehabilitation and Maintenance of the Pleebo-Barclayville Road Project, 75km.

Other Infrastructure Achievements

According to the 100-Day Action Plan report, the government achievements showed commitment to reviewing of contracts signed between 2018 to 2023; ensuring compliance with PPCC and PMF Laws; ensuring Assets verification; establishment of fixed Assets registry for accountability, and carrying general road users’ worthiness motor vehicle and driver licensing.

The report indicated there was commitment to providing meteorological services data equipment for the Robert International Airport (RIA); constructing the National Digital Cyber Forensic Lab and reactivate e-Liberia; ensuring that all major roads are pliable all seasons and purchasing of spare parts for public buses.

Other achievements in infrastructure and social services, according to the government’s report, included insurance, eligibility certification enforcement exercises, initiating the purchase of meteorological services data equipment for the RIA (contacts with the international manufacturer (VAISALA, from Finland), have been established and the manufacturer has forwarded invoice to LAA).

As if those were not enough for the implementation period, the Government also reported the procurement plan for the National Cyber Digital Forensic Laboratory and E-Liberia Portal Project has been approved by PPCC and contract awarded for the construction of the forensic data center; the PPCC process is ongoing for the procurement of spare parts for public buses and Presidential Executive Order issued waving duties on fuel and spare parts for NTA; and the Ministry of Transport (MoT) reviewed contracts signed between 2018 to 2023.

A fixed asset registry was established and is carrying out General Road Users Worthiness Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing, Insurance, Eligibility Certification Enforcement Exercises across the country.

Boakai Reflects on Progress

In a message endorsing the report, President Boakai reiterated his government’s commitment to efficient service delivery to the people of Liberia to improve livelihoods.

“We will work to continue these interventions and many more throughout the life of our regime, especially as we formulate a new 5-year development plan to transform the country,” he said.

Boakai said he was pleased to submit the Assessment Report on his administration’s 100-Day Action Plan devised to make quick interventions to provide some measure of relief to Liberians weighted down by so much hardship in the last few years.

By concentrating on key sectors including infrastructure and basic services, security and rule of law, transparency and accountability, and social development services, he noted, “the plan endeavored to address some of the governance, social, and economic problems my administration inherited”.

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