India Imposter Carries Liberian Passport – Fakes Liberian Citizenship and Evades Lawful Taxes

Concern has been expressed in some quarters that a lady identified as Madam Paramjit Kaur Dhaliwal aka Marpu Pearl Dhaliwal is in gross violation of the laws of Liberia, India and the United States.  Many in public cycles are wondering why the Indian Consul General has failed to protect the laws of India and Liberia.

Marpu otherwise considered an Indian Imposter was able to obtain an Overseas Citizen of India (O.C.I.) designation under the Consulship of this Consulate General knowing fully well she had also claimed Liberian Citizenship by stating under oath that she is a natural born citizen of Liberia.

Why he didn’t bring such a critical issue to the attention of the Indian authorities, that Madam Paramjit Kaur Dhaliwal aka Marpu Pearl Dhaliwal had obtained and was in possession of fake Liberian Citizenship through Fraudulent means, many wondered

According to documents in possession of this paper, it appears that the Indian Consul General condoned this violation of law, as evidenced by the issuance of INDIAN PASSPORT NO- B 0250370 in favor of Paramjit Kaur Dhaliwal aka Marpu Pearl Dhaliwal; who was born on November 1, 1971 at New Abadi, Jullunder, Punjab India.

One would wouldn’t understand why have these critical facts and such sensitive information beenn repeatedly ignored by both the Governments of India and Liberia? Is Madam Dhaliwal above the laws of Liberia and India, especially when reliable information have been received from multiple sources that Madam Paramjit Kaur Dhaliwal is an imposter currently in possession of fraudulently obtained Liberian Citizenship documents that she has used to enjoy the benefits and privileges exclusively reserved for Liberians under the Liberianization policy. She is also a consistent Tax Evader as a fake Liberian citizen.

According to information in our possession, chronicling her timeline in conducting her criminal offenses including her failure to comply with required Immigration rules, which is a threat to National Security and sanctity of the Rule of Law and Constitution of Liberia, Marpu, the imposter, was born to an Indian Father and an Indian Mother, Mohinder Pal Singh Dhaliwal and mother Rajminder Kaur Dhaliwal. Her real name is Paramjit Kaur Dhaliwal and not Marpu Dhaliwal.

Marpu – the imposter was born in India November 1, 1971, grew up in India and was educated in India until she arrived in Liberia in the 1980s. She cannot reference any academic institution in Liberia that she attended or identify persons who were her school or classmates.

The Indian imposter never ever met her so called Liberian Mother Madam Jannie Zipporah Flemming Ward, because Ms. Jainne died of cancer in the early 1970s long before Paramjit/Marpu ever came to Liberia. Her Legal Children have also confirmed in a News Article that they never knew Marpu as their mother’s child.

It is important to Keep in mind Jannie Flemming was suffering from breast cancer through the late 1960’s and had a mastectomy in the United States of America, after which she returned to Liberia but unfortunately still died of cancer in the early 1970’s.  She cannot be the mother of Paramjit/Marpu Dhaliwal, an informed source hinted

If the blood test and DNA of Marpu the imposter is scrutinized properly, the results will confirm that she has only one brother who currently lives in the United States. He and Paramjit are both of the same Indian parents and were born in India.

During the mid-1990s when there was war and chaos in Liberia and Liberians were selling everything for pennies, Marpu the imposter was able to bribe and obtain a Liberian Passport using a fake birth certificate.

Marpu the imposter then traveled to the United States and applied for political Asylum claiming to be a natural born Liberian citizen. American authorities, being more thorough and honest in their investigation, discovered that she was not a Liberian therefore issued summons for her Deportation. When Marpu the imposter learned that she was about to be deported, she fled the United States and returned to Liberia.

The United States government would not allow Marpu the imposter to abuse the American system and make a fool of their laws. Now India and Liberia need to do the same.

Our information has it that a year later, Marpu the imposter traveled back to the United States on an Indian Passport; she then obtained a Green Card from the U.S. Government as an Indian citizen.

Later, on a trip to the U.S. in February, 2008, Marpu the imposter was recognized by U.S. CUSTOMS AND IMMIGRATION officers as the same person who previously had applied for Political Asylum under the fake Name of Marpu Pearl Dhaliwal. She was detained for more than 10 months at a detention center and, in January, 2009, was deported to INDIA, her real country of birth.

She claims to be in possession of a document issued by the Indian Government known as “OVERSEAS CITIZEN OF INDIA” (O.C.I.), which is only issued to bonafide Indian born Citizens.

Informed sources indicated that Marpu the imposter has over the years bought land and various properties on Randall Street, Front Street, Paynesville and other areas as a Liberian Citizen in violation of Liberian Laws; thereby defrauding the Liberian Government and the People of Liberia. By this, she has avoided paying proper Taxes by reporting as a Liberian citizen.

“We are deeply concerned that if proper action is not taken to ensure that Madam Paramjit Kaur Dhaliwal aka Marpu Pearl Dhaliwal is prosecuted according to law, convicted of her crimes and deported to her Country of birth- India, others will follow in her footsteps and flaunt the law without fear, hesitation, or reservation. Marpu the imposter must not get away with these serious crimes. Local, National, and International laws have been broken. This matter is highly sensitive and has National Security Implications,” a source said, alluding to documents in our possession.

Our sources therefore call upon the INDIAN Government by and through its Consul General accredited to Liberia to act now.

“We call upon the Government of Liberia by and through the Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Honorable Minister of Justice and the National Security Agency to act in concert and in conformity with Law to ensure that crimes of this nature are not repeated and will not go unpunished,” our source added

The story about Marpu the Imposter, though urgent is not new to the news media but is consistently swept under the rug by those in authority who are charged with the responsibility to deal with such matters, but have opted to ignore the issue. Why did the past government ignore this matter so much so as if there was a hidden agenda? Why did the entire enforcement apparatus of the Liberian government resort to total paralysis whenever this matter was brought to the public?

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