India Celebrates 71st Republic Day -As Consul General Urges Unity

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.

At the occasion commemorating the 71st Republic Day celebration of India, an Indian diplomat rallied the Indian Community in Monrovia to be United in upholding the principles and values of the Indian democracy as they endeavor to live within the confines of the Liberia laws as well. The Republic Day is celebrated January 26 annually by Indians across the world as the day on which the Indian Constitution came into force in 1950.

The Consul General of India to Liberia, Upjit Singh Sachdeva, reminded citizens of India resident in Liberia of the importance of the day and said unity is key to every successful society, adding, “Unity in Diversity is a Principle and Ego of the people of India.”

Speaking at the occasion over the weekend, the Indian Consul General explained that India celebrates two major national days, including the India Independence Day on August 15, (1947) and the India Republic Day on January 26 (1950).

Mr. Sachdeva, who ias commonly known in Liberia as Mr. Jeety, emphasized importance of bringing the people of India together for the celebration of this kind of public event, something he noted follows the path which have been laid by the Indian’s forefathers and freedom fighters, amongst others.

The Consul General Sachdeva earlier read, on behalf of the Honorable Indian President Shri Ram Nath Kovind, an address the Indian leader delivered on January 25, 2020, the eve of the 71st Republic Day of India.

The India leader said in his address that “Seven decades ago, on January 26, our constitution came into effect. Even before that, this date had acquired special significance. Having resolved to attain ‘Purna Swaraj Day’ our people had been celebrating ‘Purna Swaraj Day’on every 26th January from 1930 to 1947.”

Indian President Shri Ram Nath Kovind indicated that this is why the people of India embarked their journey as a Republic on the 26th of January in 1950, affirming the principles laid down in the Indian Constitution. “Since then, every year we celebrate our Republic Day on 26th January,” the Indian leader was quoted by the Consul General of India to Liberia.

The address also indicated that the modern state India comprises the three organs – Legislature, Executive and Judiciary, which are necessarily interlinked and interdependent, yet, on ground that the people comprise the state. “We, the people, are the prime movers of the Republic. With us, the people of India, rests the real power to decide our collective future,” the Indian President said in the address.

In furtherance, the address added, “Our Constitution gives us rights as citizens of a free democratic nation, but also placed on us the responsibility to always adhere to the central tenets of our democracy – justice, liberty, equality and fraternity.

He said it becomes easier for Indians to follow these constitutional ideals, bearing in mind ‘the life and values of the Father of our nation’. “By doing so, we will be adding a meaningful dimension to our celebrations of 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji.”

The celebration of the India Republic Day in Monrovia yesterday, was characterized by speeches and Indian traditional performances including singing and dancing, most of all the hoisting of the Country flag.  The celebration was attended by hundreds of Indian nationals residing in Liberia.

Meanwhile, the India Consul General also disclosed that the Indian community in Liberia has brought Indian doctors to treat variety of diseases among the Indians, Liberians and other nationals in Liberia.

Mr. Sachdeva further disclosed that the Doctors will be posted to an Indian Clinic located in the Iron Factory community in Gardnerville, but indicated that the exercise will commence in two weeks; he urged everyone to take advantage of the opportunity.

According to him, the Indian Community has taken such decision to render free healthcare services in the country because they believed that all humans deserve equal opportunity and treatment.

The Indian Consul General asserted, “All humans are created equal, nobody is distinguished by race, religious and cast, and nobody was born Christian, Hindu or Muslim.

Mr. Sachdeva stressed that all are human beings based on the principle of service to mankind. “We have decided to form trustees and we have brought the Indian doctors” the Indian diplomat said, noting that in the next two weeks, a clinic will commence to serve the people on a charitable basis at the Iron Factory community in Gardnerville.

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