“Idrissa Ordered His Men to Kill Us” -Wounded Simeon Taylor Supporter Tells Police

In the aftermath of the bloody fracas that erupted July 2, 2021 in Mano River Kongo which reportedly left several supporters of opposition politician Simeon B. Taylor beaten and wounded, information reaching The Analyst indicate that the order to maim and even kill those who were celebrating over the NEC final ruling that favored their candidate Mr. Simeon Taylor, came directly from Sierra Leonean businessman Idrissa “Bomber” Mansaray” who reportedly told his men to brutalize and kill anyone celebrating over the NEC’s Friday July 2, 2021 ruling.

According to documents in the possession of this paper, filed by our Grand Cape Mount County correspondent, one of the victims of the bloody Mano River Kongo fracas on July 2, 2021 complained and testified to the Liberia National Police that the whole melee was masterminded by Mr. Idrissa Mansaray, a Sierra Leonean diamond miner and dealer resident in Porkpa District; and perpetrated by his brother Ansu Mansaray along with other pro-Victor Watson thugs who got angry when supporters of Mr. Simeon Taylor started jubilating in the main streets of Mano River Kongo after hearing that the National Elections Commission had finally ruled in their candidate’s favor declaring him winner of the December 8, 2020 special senatorial election due to what the NEC said was the failure of Mr. Victor Watson to provide a preponderance of evidence proving all of the allegations that he and his legal team had levied against his opponent Simeon Taylor.

Narrating his ordeal to the police, followed by a written voluntary statement, victim Moses Gray, 37, a resident of Mano River Kongo, said on Friday, July 2, 2021 at 3:30 pm he left his house and went to the main street where he met supporters of Mr. Simeon Taylor celebrating. Gray said when he heard that Idrissa Mansaray’s brother Ansu Mansaray went to attack one Sorie, a supporter of Simeon Taylor, he (Gray) went to verify the information.

“After I got to the scene, I met Ansu Mansaray, Konte, Abraham Francis, Lahai, Emmanuel, Sekou Massaquoi, Savana Abou Samah, Abdulai G. Mansaray (Small Kolo), Abdule Kariga Kromah (Gold Teeth), Salieu Kondeh, Mohammed Femme, Idrisa Kamara (Spana), Alieu Mansaray and others to be identified were chunking rocks heavily. That’s how I pass around and I met Ansu Mansaray and then he Ansu Mansaray said that they have been looking for me. He said that Idrissa Mansaray told him that they should kill anybody, Idrissa will be responsible and Idrissa give them order to kill anybody. That’s how he Ansu Mansaray jumped on me with fighting and he also give order to Emmanuel, Boakai, Dweh (Papay Kpan), Haji Kromah and the entire group that were chunking rock to beat me, and Ansu chopped me with a cutlass and Emmanuel knocked my right hand with stick and then I got wounded from my head and my right arm moved from joining. One Charles to be identified joined into the fight after Ansu gave them order to beat me,” Moses Gray narrated in his voluntary statement to the Mano River Kongo police.

Corroborating Mr. Gray’s narrative, another victim of the July 2, 2021 Mano River Kongo bloody fracas narrated how Idrissa Mansaray’s brother Ansu Mansaray, along with other pro-Victor Watson supporters beat and wounded him severely.

“I Steeve Nargbe Jr. remember that on Friday, July 2, 2021 at 3:45 while I was to my house at Mano River Kongo Town, listening to D-1 radio relaying from the Supreme Court that my candidate Simeon B. Taylor has been announced as Senator for Grand Cape Mount County, and I was happy. I went on the road and I met the supporters of Simeon B. Taylor were celebrating, dancing and I also joined them. My friends Alieu, Papay, Deko came to me and said that I have won the bet. That’s how I joined the women celebrating with them. We took Simeon Taylor banner, celebrating going through the road toward the Attai shop. While in that process, Massa came to me and she said that they wounded Morris Gray and then I decided to go there but while on my way going, I passed to Moses Foday house. After I reached to Moses Foday house, I met Ansu Mansaray and his entire group led by he Ansu, and I stood up and he Ansu said here is the man. That’s how Lahai took rock and he chunked me with the rock on my left side and I asked what I did. As soon as I asked that Charles grabbed me by my left hand and Boakai David, Koneteh Emmanuel cameand jumped on me. He Ansu Mansaray took out knife to juke me and he attempted juking I blocked his hand and then the knife cut me on my right face. They started to beat me. Emmanuel took pot top and he began to beat me with the pot top on my head and my face and I got wounded from my face and my head. After they saw the blood from my face, they all started to leave me. He Konteh said that we are rude. That’s how they left me and then I carry the complaint to the police station,” the voluntary statement from victim Steeve Nargbe, indicated.

It can be recalled that the NEC on Friday, July 2, 2021 made a final ruling, confirming the court’s earlier decision, declaring Mr. Simeon Taylor of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) as winner of the December 8, 2020 Special Senatorial Election in Grand Cape Mount County.

In his ruling the Hearing Officer, Atty. Fumba Swaray, said the complainant, Victor Watson, failed through the preponderance of evidence to prove the allegations that Mr. Simeon Taylor voted two times and that there were pre-marked ballots during election day.

“Atty. Swaray said, the complainant did not prove through the preponderance of evidence that the signatures of poll watchers of Hon. Victor Watson were forged, neither did they prove that Mr. Simeon Taylor and his gangsters stopped their agents from entering polling places to observe the counting after polls were closed on Election Day,” NEC stated in a press released on July 2.

According to the NEC, the Hearing Officer said because the complainant, Victor Watson, and his legal team failed to produce overwhelming evidence to prove their allegations, the Administrative Hearing has no other ruling but to dismiss and deny their motion as prayed for.

Watson Responds

Although complainant Victor Watson, through his legal team, accepted the ruling, he has however announced an appeal to the Board of Commissioners, (BOC) of the NEC. It was in the wake of these developments that the Mano River Kongo bloody fracas erupted, leaving many to wonder what benefit would accrue to the Victor Watson camp by promoting such violence.

The man at the center of the controversy would later take to social media, declaring his innocence and calling for calm.

“I’m deeply saddened and angered with the news of another violence in Mano River Kongo. I’m thinking of all our fellow Capemountainians who were affected by the unspeakable violence that occurred late yesterday. As we learn more about the incident, I’m thankful for the brave law enforcement officials and first responders who attended to the area to restore calm and putting themselves in harm’s way. In our subsequent posts, a better reference will be provided to avoid confusion and passing out the wrong information,” Mr. Victor Watson posted on his Facebook page.

“Secondly, I think the statement on Spoon TV last night is one of the grubbiest things I’ve ever heard in politics. I know you’re playing hard to get a nomination for 2023 but to think he can order my arrest because of our appeal to the Board of Commissioners of the National Elections Commission ‘by any means necessary’ or to use a Watson to launch such bid the approach is sickening and doesn’t bode well for politics. Grand Cape Mount County deserves better,” Watson said.

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