“I Won’t Support Joe Boakai in 2023” -Massa Washington Says “Boakai-Johnson Partnership” Dishonors War Victims

MONROVIA: Veteran Liberian journalist and former Commissioner of the Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Massa Washington says although she supported former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s bid for the presidency in 2017, she will not be supporting Ambassador Boakai or the Unity Party in this year’s October 10 polls because of his alignment with Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson and his Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR).

“On this Mother’s Day, I will remain true to myself and speak as I see it. In 2017, I supported Former VP Joseph Nyema Boakia’s bid for the Presidency despite the extremely poor treatment TRC Commissioners received at the hands of the Government of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and her Unity Party, with JNB as the VP. I was patriotic enough, conciliatory enough and magnanimous enough to lick my wounds and put my weight behind JNB because I felt that given ALL, he was the better candidate. Some of you from the Unity Party know this. Unfortunately, this year, I will NOT be supporting the Joseph Boakai/Prince Johnson ticket. I feel strongly that choosing the party of Prince Johnson, is a punch in the face to victims of the Liberian war, especially women who were debased and their dignity stolen from them by the now closest partner of Joseph Boakai, Mr. Prince Johnson,” Ms. Washington said in a social media post on Mother’s Day.

The outspoken war crimes prosecution activist said as a women and human rights advocate and someone who has won coveted local and international human rights awards including for women, supporting a Boakai-Johnson ticket will be out of character and hypocritical to everything that she stands for.

“Today, I see people hailing this JNB/PYJ partnership as Rescue 1 & 2. We’ve seen this horror movie before. Some people spoke similarly as some of you are, during the peace process when we were trying to end the war. They instituted the appeasement of warlords and made unlimited concessions to warlords and rebel forces. We ended with numerous peace conferences all over the place and more than 22 failed peace Accords, with the ultimate disgrace of having multiple interim governments, including useless Council of States, represented by warlords and their henchmen. A monster like the Butcher of Monrovia, George Dweh, who murdered the entire Johnny Nah family, opened Mrs Famatta Sherman Nah’s stomach in her eighth month of pregnancy and butchered the baby as well, ended up being Speaker of the National Transitional Legislative Assembly.

“Those criminals did nothing but loot the national treasury and spat on the graves of their victims. And this trend continues whereas mass murderers and serial rapists who should be facing prosecution for their crimes, are being hailed by some of you. This so-called “best ticket” will not win the Presidency. If it happens, I will come back on social media and say I was wrong and you’re right. It is hard to say Happy Mother’s Day at this time!” Washington fumed.

  1. Tony Leewaye says

    Massa Washington is a non entity in Liberia’s electoral process and therefore, her public opinion which she erroneously thinks might influence the outcome of the October, 2023 national elections is practically irrelevant and dead on arrival. Sen. Johnson is a relevant political figure in Liberia’s body politic and has the right of association with anyone or entity.

    Madam Washington and her gangs of political operatives who high-Jacked and squandered opportunities presented by the Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which was intended to reconcile the Nation are trying desperately to make themselves relevant in Liberia’s upcoming elections. It’s however, unfortunate that they are now engaged in political subversions with a clear agenda of supporting opponents of Hon. Boakai and Sen. Koung in this October elections.

    Obviously, their flawed attempts at associating Hon. Boakai and Sen. Johnson is cleaver political manipulation that’s dead on arrival. The irony of their flawed political manipulation is that when Sen. Johnson supported their political God-Mother, Madam Sirleaf for twelve years, they were celebrating and jubilating her victory without complaints. Now that the table has turned against their establishment, they are calling the attention of the world. This is pure hypocrisy at best!

    It’s clear that they have an agenda and a particular candidate for which they are trying desperately to promote in Liberia’s pending elections. It must be noted that this time around, Liberians have resolved to vote Boakai/Koung Ticket and no amount of political grandstanding and political maneuvering will deter them.

    Indeed , Liberia Will be Set Free from Tyranny, Massive Institutionalized Corruption and Repression!

  2. Jacob Doe says

    Mr. Tony Leewaye, its just that inter alia you people do nt have the required “political eyes” and you do not know the political psychology of your own people, the Liberian people. NOR DO YOU PEOPLE HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE AND OR THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE POLITICS OF PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS.

    And this is why LIKE THE VERY BOAKAI WHO HAS MADE THE MISCALCULATION OF HIS LIFE BY ALIGNING WITH PRINCE JOHNSON AND KOUNG AT THIS TIME, you are blinded by your wishful thinking that Boakai has any chance of winning the presidential elections while competing with a coalition like the CDC AT THIS TIME.


  3. Joseph Kollie says

    Massa Washington is just another pseudo political Neophyte. Crimes are not transferable! How can the selection of Jeremiahkpan Koung be tantamount to Prince Johnson? Massa Washington sounds like the typical ANC folks. Because Cummings who has missed his opportunity to become President of Liberia didn’t succeed in getting Jeremiahkpan Koung as his Vice Presidential candidate, they are all over the place with this cheap propaganda. Cummings is on record for giving Prince Johnson $59k and spending over $75k to purchase 10 vehicles for supporters of Jeremiahkpan Koung as inducement for him to accept the offer for the Vice Presidential candidate slot. Ellen Johnson worked with Prince Johnson; George Weah worked with Prince Johnson and tried getting his support for the issuing elections but didn’t succeed. Liberia deserves better! His Excellency Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai and His Excellency Jeremiahkpan Koung will make Liberia great again Massa Washington. You can keep your one vote.

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