‘I spoke In Context,’ McGill Reacts -Says He Didn’t Justify Corruption in Recent Remarks

MONROVIA – One of several Liberian news organs that saw the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel F. McGill, speak to hundreds of citizens in Gbarnga, Bong County last week, returned to base in Monrovia and lifted a story from the scene of the occasion with interpretations that are accordingly a far cry from the source, Minister McGill has clarified. The Frontpage quoted the Chief of Office Staff of President George Weah as saying that it is good to steal from the Government once the stolen wealth is used in the country for the benefit of the citizens. But in a riposte, Minister McGill rubbished the publications, stating that his remarks to the predominantly female audience in Bong were grossly taken out of context by the newspaper, and wantonly misinterpreted. The Analyst reports.

The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel Falo McGill, has denied ever justifying corruption in any form, shape or manner.

According to the Tuesday, August 9, 2022 banner headlined story of the newspaper, Minister McGill had stated in a meeting with hundreds of women in Gbarnga, Bong County that stealing from the government and using the stolen resources to improve the condition of Liberia and Liberians was a good idea.

Minister McGill has denied the attributions by the newspaper which alluded that his statement made in Bong County was a tacit approval of corruption in government.

Clarifying, the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs said he spoke in a context that was misconstrued and misinterpreted to suit detractors of the CDC Government.

“Unfortunately, instead of listening, understanding and interpreting the context in which I spoke they in their usual manner started running with the story that I was justifying corruption when I spoke to the women in Gbarnga who were very appreciative for what some of us are doing to give back to the society”, Minister McGill said in an interview with The Analyst.

McGill further indicated that he detests corruption, has never supported it and will never ever support it, and emphatically stressed that he was taken out of context.

Reacting further to media reports which quoted a live video of his remarks when he addressed a group of women in Gbarnga, Bong County, remarks that have gone viral on social media, Minister McGill told journalists in an interview that it is totally untrue that he intentionally endorsed corruption in government when he made the remarks.

According to him he intended to convey the message of the love and commitment of government officials serving in this dispensation attached to their respective communities and people by undertaking projects in the very areas where they came from and not spending the same in countries that have no benefits for the people.

He said further: “In the first place, it would have been counterproductive and a sharp contradiction for me to openly endorse or justify corruption in government when this very government came to power on the mantra of fighting corruption and delivering real change to the people through executing impactful projects for the benefit of the masses who have been denied development in years past before the advent of the Weah government. So it was in the context of the way I spoke.”

It can be recalled, Minister McGill spoke in Gbarnga over the weekend when he said:

“Whole day they are stealing money but even if I am stealing money and giving it to the Liberian people is it not a good thing I am doing? Because at least I didn’t steal that money and take it to Europe. Some people who worked in Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s government can’t say they didn’t make money. But when we take our own small money and take it to our people to go and build houses they are vexed.

“When I come to Bong County and build a house here they are vexed. So when I take the money and carry it to Ghana is it correct? But when the building is in Bong County is it for me alone? The day God decides to take me away, will I take it from here? Is it not when our grandchildren come here one day, will they not say oh Bong County has good and fine houses? These are the things we want to do.”

Shortly after that comment in which the video went viral on social media, McGill came under sharp criticisms with some members of the public accusing him of justifying and supporting corruption in government.

Buttressing his deconstruction of the public misunderstanding of the context in which he spoke, McGill who is also the Chief of Office Staff of the President said what his comment was trying to portray was the existence of a caring government with passionate officials who over time have taken the angle of selfless service to country and people by investing and empowering their respective communities through personal development initiatives that have profound multiplier effects on the people.

Minister McGill has for sometimes now been representing President Weah to make interventions around the country with emphasis being donations to communal projects, payment of school fees of students in secondary and tertiary institutions, building residential quarters for citizens and beneficiaries in like manner have been appreciating the gestures with some of them even pledging to vote massively for President Weah’s second term in 2023.

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