I Never Received US$75,000 from Sable Mining -Says Former Speaker Tyler Testifies

By: Taisiah K. Merfee

Former house speaker J. Alex Tyler who took the witness stance yesterday to testify against his alleged involvement into the sable mining bribery scandal at criminal court “C” at the temple of justice in Monrovia. He said he did not received any money from any one to change the Public Procurement and concession commission act of 2005 as alleged by the Government of Liberia.

During his testimony at the court on Tuesday, the former house speaker said at no time did he receive money to change the Public Procurement and concession commission act of 2005.

According to Mr. Tyler he served as speaker during the 52nd and 53nd legislature with the duty and responsibility to preside over the administrative affairs of the House of Representatives and to also preside over the plenary of the house.

He said bills are normally emanated from the executive, the Public and members of the House of Representatives, and are placed on the floor for discussion and voting before it is subsequently send to committee Room for deliberation and later return to plenary.

Following a unanimous vote to pass any bill proffer by any member of the lower house, it is then sent to the Liberian Senate for concurrence and onward to the executive to be printed into hand bill.

Tyler then told the court and persecuting lawyers that he did not in any way received any money, but a calculated attempted to destroy his character.

He also narrated that bills passed into law by the National Legislature are not done in secrete it is send in committee room and brought back on the floor of the plenary and the deliberation are conducted in the full glare of the public, “in other words the process is open and deliberation is done before it can be passed in to law”.

Tyler since denied the allegation of amending the PPCC law section 75 Acts of 2005, something he said is not to his knowledge and did not occur under his regime as presiding officer for both the 52nd and 53rd National Legislature as he reiterated that no law was change.

He stated that the allegation against him is baseless, unfounded and has no evidence of truth and simply meant to put his character in the mud, “I did not receive any money from Varney Sharman, and sable Mining or any other person as stated in the indictment against me.

“I saw the so called spread sheets as my name was not mentioned in either, neither did I know Kollie and Blamo who according to reports allegedly received money from Sherman or Sable mining either”. Tyler said.

He added that the allegation is a calculated attempt to put his hard earned reputation to public ridicule. Meanwhile, the case continues at 8:00 clock local time today, Wednesday morning at which time our Judiciary report will bring you up to speed with happenings at the Court.

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