‘I Have Achieved More Than Past Gov’t in Shorter Time’ -Pres. Weah, Wants Unity Over Division

By: Rancy S. Teewia

President George Manneh Weah says although he has inherited a broken economy, he asserted that he is glad to achieve in one year six moth what he said has not have not been achieved in almost hundreds years. President Weah further told marketers that gathered at the dedication of the Old-Road Market yesterday that his government will achieve what the past government did not achieve in 12 years.
The Liberian leader made the statement during the dedicatory ceremony of the Old-Road Market on Wednesday August 7, 2019 in Sinkor, Monrovia. The modern market infrastructure worth over one hundred thousand United States dollars

“What I will say to you in as much the face of this market is change, there will be some citizens that were here for 12 years, that have never thought about this market, but they will still criticize it; that’s why I will make sure what those that were here did not achieve I will make sure I achieve it,” he asserted.

He recalled that the people have given him a mandate for six years, believing that if he performs well, the Liberian people may give him another six years.

Emphasizing that patient is a virtue, President Weah said. “I have achieved what no president in the history of this country have achieved; the markets are part of our agenda to develop Liberia,” he boasted amongst the market women.

President Weah urged every Liberian to project unity over division in the country, noting that it is by unity and peace that Liberia will be developed..

“Fellow Liberians, as can see here today, Old-Road marketers are happy because they were very patient,” President Weah said, indicating that patience is a virtue.

The construction of the Old Road Market, President Weah said, is part of the developmental plan by the Pro-Poor Agenda which aims to build Roads, to build markets, to invest in agriculture and to build the economy. “Today what we are seeing here is part of our developmental plan…”

President Weah intimated that the development of roads and other infrastructures remain his principal goal, saying that this is why the CDC government is making sure that the roads are paved in the country, and making sure that cement is made out gravels in the country.

He further promised to ensure that the agriculture component of the PADP works, pointing out that he will make sure to supports people who want to grow their own food. “I can guarantee you that all Liberians that are in the Agriculture Sector that wants to grow their own food I will support them”.

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