I Expect Sincere Effort, Not Perfection -Chambers Admonishes Colleagues upon Return from Break

The Liberian National Legislature has been under the radar of the public, attracting not too impressive perception over a range of issues. A number of opinion surveys by independent organs have held most lawmakers if not all in contempt over integrity and transparency concerns. In fact, there others who think most lawmakers work in their own selfish interest as opposed to the public interest. Thus, it is not a surprise that as the 54th Legislature returns to work following weeks of break, the role of lawmakers are finding their way back in the public discourse. And it seems the Speaker of the House of Representatives is not oblivious of the prevailing unsavory public perfections against lawmakers. In is keynote speech at the reopening of the Legislature, Bhofal Chambers attempts to teem colleagues over would-be dishonorable acts in the House. The Analyst reports

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Bhafol Chambers, is calling on public officials, specifically members of the House of Representatives to set good examples for others to follow so that they are expected as the first branch of government.

In his official statement read during the opening of the fifth sitting of the National Legislature yesterday, January 10, 2022, the third person in constitutional succession arrangement asserted that it is peculiarly incumbent upon lawmakers who have the strength to set the right example to others.

“I ask you to remember that you cannot retain your self-respect if you are loose and foul of the tongue, that a man who is to lead a clean and honorable life must inevitably suffer if his speech likewise is not clean and honorable,” he stressed.

He added: “Every man here knows the temptations that beset all of us in this world. At times, any man will slip. I do not expect perfection, but I do expect genuine and sincere effort being decent and cleanly in thought, in word and indeed.”

Speaker Chambers said he hails the work of this society as typifying one of these forces which tend to the betterment and uplifting of our social system.

“Our whole effort should be toward securing a combination of the strong qualities with those qualities which we term virtues,” he indicated. “I desire to see in this country the decent men strong and strong men decent, and until we get that combination in pretty good shape, we are not going to be by any means as successful as we should be. This is a timeless caution! May we accept the good from it and in it that we, in time, become practical reformers.”

He acknowledged that the year 2021 was one of many challenges, but with the help of God and that of his colleagues, along with the collaborative support of the other two Branches of Government, as well as the International Community, “we did tackle those challenges and turned them into immeasurable successes.”

The Speaker of House recognized and applauded the what he called the overwhelming support he received from colleagues in the best interest of our Nation and People, despite the many political linkages and/or persuasions.

“You will all be remembered as exemplary national assets… for you have demonstrated to be desirable role models.  Let us continue in this direction for upward growth and a deeper concretization of our democracy,” he said.

“As we begin another year of service for our people and Nation,” the House Speaker further said, “it is once more incumbent upon us to put the interest of our Nation first and above all other interests.”

“We collectively need to erect perceptible and durable platforms of constructive aspirations, genuine hope, tangible possibilities, and realistic optimism. We are under obligation to initiate this task for this generation and the next. With such cause in mind, I am of the strongest conviction that you, my esteemed Lawmakers, will become modern architects of the Nation’s transformative agenda.”

Having ended the year 2021 with more human-sensitive legislations been enacted, with others still in committee rooms, Dr. Chambers noted, “we wish to further plead with you, my Honorable Colleagues, that we, with speed and efficiency, endeavor to ensure that that significant legislation or laws yet to be passed are fast-tracked.”

He lauded all international parliamentary bodies, including, but not limited to, The ECOWAS and The European Parliamentary bodies, stating that “we intend to be more focused and are now fully prepared to constructively work with you during this 2022 and beyond in order to serve the cause of our human existence.”

He asserted further: “For our various constituencies and constituents, we wish to once more assure you of a better Legislature in this 2022 as your trusted deputies or representatives.  We faithfully promise to do our utmost best to ensure that our Nation is positively transformed into an oasis of hope and palpable optimism.”

“We also pledge to maintain the spirit of cooperation, collaboration, and coordination with the other two branches of Government for a stable, peaceful, prosperous, just, and safe Liberian society, where the rights and responsibilities of all are properly balanced.”

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