‘I Do Not Want Our Country Fail’ -Charlyn Brumskine Craves for Responsible Opposition

Liberia’s opposition politics has long been a do-or-die affair or one of “if it cannot be me, it cannot be you”. This is the political mentality that underpins the country’s noisy public discourse that obscures the substantive issues of national concern. One political actor in the country who characteristically kept his cool and dwelled more on issues that matter was Liberty Party’s fallen Founder and Political Leader Charles Walker Brumskine. The party held a retreat, the first after the passing of its founder, and the daughter of the legal luminary made remarks at the end of the occasion, exciting latter-day leaders and partisans about the ideals of her father, saying Liberty Party has never and should never be obstructionist to Liberia’s progress. The Analyst reports.

As the leaders and partisans of the opposition Liberty Party met to take stock of its place in the Liberian political mosaic, much was fondly said about their founder and Political Leader emeritus, Charles W. Brumskine who passed away recently.

It was the Liberty Party’s first major political gathering since the fall of Cllr. Brumskine, and that was certainly a moment of both reflection and grief.

It was consensus amongst speakers that in consolidating the party to find its rightful place in the comity of Liberian political actors, care should be taken to implant the noncombative, quiet but formidable and constructive spirit of Cllr. Brumskine into the mainstream of the party.

“We have an obligation to him and to our nation to set an example of what a leading political institution should like look,” Charlyn Brumskine, daughter of the late Brumskine, said in remarks.

She added: “We do not intend to be noise makers! We do not intend to be obstructionist! Cllr Brumskine never was. He made it his mark of leadership that LP should have dialogue instead of abusive talk, that we should offer solutions instead of only pointing out the problems, that we should shine a light instead of cursing the darkness.”

She noted that the Liberty Party has always been and will remain ready to constructively engage the current administration on matters of socioeconomic and political importance.

“I, for one, do not want our government or Liberia to fail,” Ms Brumskine declared. “I repeat; I do not want us to fail. I want abundant success for Liberia as a whole. I want to see a robust and growing agricultural sector; an increase in foreign investment; a respect for the rule of law and applied justice for all; advancements in the healthcare sector and an intentional and actionable plan on the part of the GOL to support Liberian businesses. While we intend to constructively engage, we want to be clear that we will not shy away from criticism and admonishment where and when it is needed.”

She said while we in Liberty Party wear the cloak of dignity, honor and integrity, “we will not tolerate dishonorable behavior and abuse of our partisans.”

“We believe that we, as Liberians, should collectively consider the matter of Mama Liberia as paramount to all others. As we say in Liberty Party ‘Together We Can Do Better’”

She thanked the current leaders of the Liberty Party—the Political Leader of Liberty Party, Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence, Grand Bassa County, the Chairman, Senator Steve Zargo, Lofa County, the Executive Committee, the Advisory Board, current and former members of the Liberty Party legislative caucus, and senior partisans—for a phenomenal and productive retreat.

She announced her return to politics “invigorated and committed to ensuring the forward trajectory of our formidable Liberty Party and the great nation of Liberia”.

“The first of the “4 Rs” of Liberty Party is Reconciliation,” Ms Brumskine further said. “And we certainly lived up to our platform and ensured holistic reconciliation among partisans during this retreat. There was legitimate pain and sincere efforts to heal the wounds among partisans.”

She added: “We are moving forward! To all LP partisans who have felt aggrieved for one reason or another, we say ‘nah ma’. We look forward to welcoming you back to our beloved party.”

Charlyn Brumskine who is the Vice-Chair of the Advisory Board of Liberty Party assured “our domestic and global partisans, as well as our affiliates, that LP is ready!!!! With the untimely passing of our founding father, vision-bearer and former Standard Bearer, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, we bear the responsibility of his legacy.”

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