“I am One Of You” -VP Taylor Relishes Link To Lofa

MONROVIA: The Vice President, Madam Jewel Howard Taylor who is accompanying President George Manneh Weah on the campaign tour of Lofa County narrated an enticing story which traced her origin to Zorzor City, Lofa County and how she became to be known mainly as a citizen of Bong County as well as linking the message of the story to aspiration of the president’s re-election bid against the ensuing 2023 general election that got people talking.

VP Taylor who had taken to the podium to introduce President Weah at the occasion to usher him on stage, told the mammoth crowd that underdevelopment has long been a plague to national development in the country, a situation that led her late father Moses Howard to leave the town and travelled to Bong County and eventually Monrovia in pursuit of better opportunities for his wife and kids. She said she has decided to talk about the story in order to provide insight about why and how the situation was related to the quest of Weah to seek a second term in office as it is mainly to address the perennial issue of poverty and general backwardness.

I was the last baby born here at the hospital from my parents. My name is Sienna which means a good and successful kid. But the reason I am talking about Moses Howard today is because I was one year old when Lofa County was declared a county. And the dream he had for his children could not be realized here. No road, there was only one hospital, there was barely any school. So he left Zorzor and went to Bong County and eventually went to Monrovia where he felt there were more opportunities.

“Mr. President the dreams of our mothers, of our young people, of my father are the dreams that you are working on. Because today people don’t have to walk from way Yealla to send their children to school, there are schools being built all over the country, there are road networks being built all over the country, there are new hospitals being built all over the country and so we want to thank you your excellency for taking on the mantle of authority of this nation to take your government where the people are.

She said President Weah has taken alternative radical approaches to defining development and delivering it to the people, adding that such initiative should be commended for such a move to solve the problem facing the nation. She solicited the support of the citizens of Lofa County to re-elect the president so that he would complete many other projects in the race.

“And so at this time I am honoured to call on stage President George Manneh Weah, the promise keeper, when he says something, he does it, the passionate leader of our country, he is passionate about development”, Madam Taylor said amidst cheers as the President marched to the podium to address the people.

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