“I am not a killer”-Pres. Weah -Says He “Rescued” JNB several times

MONROVIA: In the strongest way possible to defend his reputation and character which he said are been maligned by his detractors, President George Manneh Weah has said there is no iota of truth in whatever insinuations being made by some individuals linking him to killing or harming fellow citizens just as he said his kindness towards everyone be it his friend or opponent knows no bound, citing the case of former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai whom, according to him, he has “rescued” several times.

President Weah made the assertions on Sunday, August 27, 2023, when he spoke at a campaign rally to solicit for votes in his bid for re-election in Robertsport City, Grand Cape Mount County where hundreds of citizens had turned out to endorse him ahead of other presidential candidates in the October 10, 2023 general elections.

President Weah said for some time now he has been following series of “calculated lies and gimmicks” on the social media being promoted by those “who already know that they will lose the elections and finding all kinds of means to bring confusion in our midst”

“I have listened to some people on the social media accusing me of being a killer which is of course very untrue as you know, I am a man of peace, I have never killed anyone or planned evil against anyone so how possible can that be for me to kill my fellow citizens or get involved in such acts.

“The fact is those who are saying these things are themselves killers and it is sad. Some of them have a history of being killers and doing evil things in this country.

“They know that they are losing already, so they are using all kinds of gimmicks and lies to mislead our people but it is not going to work. They can only survive when there are chaos and confusions all over the place and that is how they think they can turn this country but they cannot achieve that.

“Don’t be afraid of the fear they are putting in you. This country is a democratic nation. Come out on October 10, 2023 to exercise your franchise by voting us and all other candidates of the CDC. They cannot intimidate you and surely that can’t help”, President Weah said.

He said his records with respect to bringing peace and also sustaining it cannot be faulted “unlike others who brought war in this country and destroyed it. I worked towards lasting peace in this country when I assisted in the disarmament process where most of our young people were in arms”. He said he encouraged young people who were in arms to drop them and return to school or learn something for their future.

The president said coming up in the slum communities where he grew up and as a struggler, he had always found time in his life to go the extra mile to assist people when he never even had anything. He said the philosophy of giving to people in need which he had imbibed when he was growing up and had nothing has been part of his life throughout and he has never shied away from being a helping hand to people in need.

“I live in the Rehab community where there are so many people that I have assisted. It is in the same community I live with the former Vice President and on several occasions I have rescued him and he knows that. I did it without considering politics, I did it because I believe he deserves a decent condition.

“There are so many people you will meet and they will tell you how I have been of assistance to them and these are not things we will boast of because helping has been part of our life and nothing will change it”, he said amidst cheers from the audience.

The President who added a new appellation, “Development King Kong” to the others he already has such as “Bad road medicine”, “Darkness medicine”, said it has been some sort of fulfilment to him when what inspired him to seek the leadership of the country bears fruit that can be seen by others including “my detractors who will see the things I am doing which have not happened in this country before yet they will say I did nothing”

“I have never promised and failed under any condition and that is the reason I feel proud of myself for what I am doing that has not happened before in our 176 years of independence. Can you imagine, I came to you in 2017 without showing you anything I have done to seek your support, but because of the trust you had in me, you elected me as your president.

“In just close to 6 years, we were able to bring meaningful development to this country and its people, We have improved the electricity issue, we paid and will continue to pay WASSCE fees, we offered a tuition free scholarship for our young people at all our public high institutions in the country so we have good reasons to come back to you and say give us another 6 years and you will not be disappointed.

“To our first time voters, we have listened to you and I think you have all the reasons to vote for us which you should not hesitate to do. We have contributed to your future through the payment of WASSCE, through the tuition free tuition and other initiatives directed towards youth development and we intend to do more when you re-elect us”, he said.

President Weah made a swift positive response to the request from the youth who appealed to him for computers and other facilities to be put in some of the refurbished youth centers in the county by informing them that before he leaves the county, the requested items, mainly computers will be given to them, a development that sent the audience into celebration.

Earlier during the program, the City Mayor of Robertsport in his welcome statement said the people were happy to receive the President and entourage to the county and set the basis for which the citizens were resolved to re-elect him on October 10, 2023, citing the ongoing construction of the Medina –Robertsport Highway, the provision of electricity in the county for a very long time, the tuition free scholarship at public tertiary institutions and the payment of WASSCE fees, two initiatives that have removed the burden from poor and struggling parents, among others.

The Superintendent of the county in similar manner told the President that the resolution of the people to support his re-election bid was genuine and come on October 10, 2023, “our people will show you that genuinely they are with you for all the development projects you have undertaken in the county and will want to see more during your second term”

Several other groups including women groups, the local chapter of the CDC, youths, first time voters, traditional rulers, among others made separate statements to assure the President that they were all excited and committed to return him to office during the general elections.

A CDC representative candidate Ousman Kiazolu was endorsed by President Weah and Kiazolu assured the president that if elected along with other candidates from the CDC will make sure that they will work with him to make his administration perform its functions without any problem.

President is expected to continue visiting several other parts of the county before returning to the nation’s capital.

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