“I am back and strong” -Jewel returns after defeating COVID 19

True to her words when she spoke on Thursday, October 15 via State Broadcaster ELBS that she would be returning home once doctors had given her a clean bill of health, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor is back home and she is fully recovered.

The Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, Chief Dr Jewel Howard-Taylor, returned to the country yesterday, Wednesday, October 28, 2020, after successfully recovering from COVID 19.

Madam Vice President was flown to Accra, Ghana on an emergency flight on August 8, 2020 when she suffered respiratory complications as a result of COVID 19. The Vice President was placed in intensive care for about 35 days under critical observations.

Upon her return, Madam Jewel Howard-Taylor headed straight to the Restorative Baptist Church where she worships, to give thanks to God for her recovery.  She also expressed gratitude to Liberians home and abroad who prayed for her recovery.

Madam Howard-Taylor asserted that she is physically fit and ready to discharge her constitutional duties and responsibilities bequeathed by the Liberian people. She singled out the Government of Liberia for the support while she was away and expressed optimism that her return will inject new dynamism and energy to the governance process.

With her return coinciding with holding of the crucial midterm senatorial elections in December this year, it is widely speculated that the Vice President will make a final determination as to where her support will go for the senate seat in her Bong County stronghold.

It can be recalled, Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor said recently that she would make a decision on who to support in Bong County when she returns home shortly. Following her noncommittal remarks, the National Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, Mulbah K. Morlu, speaking recently in Bong County, expressed optimism that Vice President Taylor will support the party’s candidate, incumbent senator Henry Yallah.

“I know the Vice President is party-disciplined and I know upon her return she will support Senator Yallah’s re-election. She knows that the image of the Coalition for Democratic Change remains supreme in these midterm elections,” Morlu said.

But VP Taylor, in a recent email said, “I maintain my stance that I won’t be supporting Senator Henry Yallah for the Senate seat in Bong County. Senator Yallah is a member of the Congress for Democratic Change, and it’s up to the party to make sure he gets elected, not me”.

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