House To Probe UL Crisis -As Rep. Flomo Writes Plenary

MONROVIA: The House of Representatives has begun to hear the situation leading to the halt in the academic activities at the premier state run tertiary institution, the University of Liberia as the University of Liberia Faculty and Staff Association (ULFASA) announced Monday the halt in the opening of the second semester of the institution

A letter by Montserrado County District #13 Representative Edward P. Flomo which was read on the Plenary Floor yesterday appealed to his colleagues in Plenary   to urgently investigate the disengagement of the  of the faculty and staff of the University to facilitate the resolution of the crisis.

ULFASA has taken a decision following a mass meeting on the main campus of the University of Liberia on Capitol Hill to suspend all academic activities until their demands are addressed by the UL administration.

The UL faculty and staff disrupted the reopening of the institution in demands of their grievances related to the payment of part-time lecturers in United States dollars or its equivalent in local currency by the Central Bank approved rate, the conduct of payroll audit to address discrepancies of salaries, the digitization of staff system amongst others.

In his letter with reference “Urgent Appeal for Investigation into the ULFASA Disengagement to expedite Resolution” and addressed to the Speaker of the House,  District #13 Representative Edward Flomo drew the attention of the House  “to a matter  of utmost urgency and significance concerning the recent decision by the UL faculty and Staff  Association to disengage from academic activities based on their grievances related to the payment of part-time lecturers, payroll audit, and staff the digitization of staff system” as key amongst their demands leading to their disengagement.

Rep. Flomo further informed the House through the office of the Speaker that the decision by the ULFASA to suspend academic activities until their demands are addressed has impacted all academic activities for students and risks disruption to the academic calendar of the institution.

“Even though the Administration of the UL has earlier announced to the public the reopening of schools on the 19th of February 2024, the decision to reopen the institution did not hold due to the grievances mentioned herein,” the Montserrado County District recalled, beseeching his colleagues to take prompt action to investigate the concerns raised by ULFASA and to facilitate a resolution that that will enable the resumption of normal academic activities at the university.

Given the criticality of the UL in providing higher education to thousands of students and contribution to the development of the country and other parties, the lawmaker urged the House involved to find a swift and amicable solution by conducting an investigation that will look into the grievances of the ULFASA.

Rep. Flomo further requested that the House engage in a dialogue with relevant stakeholders to find mutual and beneficial solutions to the grievances of the UL faculty and staff.

“I urge the esteem members of the House of Representatives to prioritize this matter and work towards a timely resolution to benefit all parties involved,” Rep. Flomo wrote, telling his colleagues that “Your intervention and support in facilitating a conducive environment for academic activities to resume at the UL will be greatly appreciated by the UL community and the wider society,” he added.


The letter came at a time the campus-based Students Unification Party (SUP) has issued the Administration 72 hours as of Monday, February 26, 2024 to address the grievance of their faculty for the resumption of academic activities on the campuses of the UL, threatening what they called unspecified actions failure on the part of the administration to do so.

Already, members of another Student-based political party, the Progressive Students Alliance (PROSA) in a bid to protest for the resumption of classes clashed with police, leaving several students wounded.

Meanwhile, the UL Administration on February 18, says UL has begun Payment of part-time instructors, and prepares for the resumption of classes. In a press release issued the UL administration acknowledged that the payment of part-time instructors was a key condition that prevented the resumption of normal academic activities.

The release was signed by Vice President for UL Relations, Cllr. Norris L. Tweah, therefore, the resumption of classes, which was scheduled for Monday, February 19, 2024, has been postponed until all payment of arrears is adequately addressed.

A new date for the resumption of classes will be announced later this week. The decision to postpone the resumption of classes until key issues are resolved was made after an emergency virtual UL Cabinet Meeting held late evening on Sunday, February 18, 2024, the release said, noting that the UL Administration is working with key stakeholders, including the Government of Liberia, UL Faculty Association (ULFA), UL Staff Association (ULSA), and the student leadership to ensure the necessary preparations are put into place to ensure a smooth academic semester.

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