House Halts Firestone’s Redundancy Plan -Restores Hope to Of Over 374 Workers

By Sallu K.Swaray

The House of Representatives has halted a planned redundancy involving more than 374 workers of the Firestone Plantation Company, says the redundancy plan by the company was not done properly.

Our legislative reporter said the lawmakers have problem with the Firestone redundancy plan which they said was intended to make several Liberians jobless.

During its Tuesday Plenary siting, the House of Representatives took an overwhelming vote halting the redundancy of the workers masterminded by the Manager of the Plantation, Don F. Darden.

Instead, the lawmakers asked for the reappearance of the Firestone manager along with five-year financial statement to be presented to the Plenary Session of the lower House by next week Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

According to the lawmakers, the financial statement would apprise Legislators as to the extent the resources of the country as being used by the plantation is benefiting the country and its people.

During the session, House speaker Bhopal Chambers frowned on Firestone for underperformance at a time it has accumulated billions of dollars’ worth of wealth in America, saying that without Liberia, Firestone would not have accumulated its wealth.

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