Horton Admonishes UP Executives to Recognize Partisans -Says Unity Party is about to Make History Again

MONROVIA – The former Vice Chairman of the National Democratic Party of Liberia (NDPL), Mr. Francis L.M. Horton, has called on executives of the former ruling party to give credence to the importance of the ordinary partisans because they are the lifeblood of any political institution.

Making the assertion recently when he served as Speaker at the Unity Party Convention held in Gbarnga, Bong County, the businessman-turned politician acknowledged that the ordinary partisans of the UP are very important people, and so they must be recognized for the important role they play in sustaining the party.

“I tend to style those ordinary members of a political party as the VIPs. For they are the ones who carry the banner, yell out the battle cry, stand firm when the going gets rough; and they are the ones, who in the majority, cast their votes which usher the party to becoming a winning elected party. Consequently, I will caution the executives of the party to give credence to the importance of the so-called ordinary members of the Party who, in my view, are the very important people of the party,” Mr. Horton stated.

Speaking on the Convention’s theme: “Refocus, rebrand and rescue Liberia”, and merging it into own theme: “Meeting the basic needs of the people”, Mr. Horton said his deliberation should not be construed as a critique of any particular person, institution or group of persons, rather, he meant to some of the ills and needs of Liberia, from his own perspective.

“The Convention Theme: “Refocus, rebrand, and rescue Liberia” is a very fascinating Theme; especially as it provokes initiatives. It is a well-known fact that most institutions and equally so, individuals, are always considerate of refocusing in order to rethink any strategy, as to whether it is achieving the desired results, with the view determining whether there is a need for rebranding their products and or services. Of course, if refocusing and rebranding are found to be necessary, it naturally follows that something needs to be rescued or salvaged.

“Therefore, political institutions must periodically consider, refocusing in order to rescue and then rebrand. I must commend the UP for such a Theme; considering that as a party which was started in 1984/1985; a Body Politic which has experienced losing and winning elections at the Legislative and Presidential levels of government.

“May I ask you, partisans of Unity Party, to allow me to speak as an elder citizen of Liberia at this national convention one where you will be planning to manage the affairs of this  our land of Liberty, so that while you convene, during those sessions, you will remain focused on how you will address, the whys, hows and when about issues which plague the minds of Liberians;  so that after the majority of the  electorate have mandated you, the Unity Party, to lead this nation; Liberia, you will not fail in meeting the Basic Needs of our people,  first and foremost before promulgating other advanced and more sophisticated social and economic developmental projects and programs. Our people need the BASIC AMENITIES in order to live a wholesome life,” the long-time businessman averred.

Outlining the basic needs that a Unity Party government-in-waiting must focus on to alleviate the people from poverty, Mr. Horton named water and sanitation; agriculture and food security; light and energy; health, education, shelter, jobs, information, services, security: law, order and jurisprudence, learning moral and ethical values; and roads as priorities.

“The challenges facing you of the Unity Party and for that matter, the people of Liberia, are how do we focus to rebrand a meaningful strategic plan in order to rescue Mama Liberia; this land of liberty which we, in anthem proclaim: shall long be ours, so that the BASIC NEEDS of our people are adequately met? This must be your focus as a political entity canvassing to win seats in the House of Representatives, the House of Senate and the Presidency.

“I can envision no other focus of a political institution which is seeking to govern who will not ensure the initiation of policies, laws and programs which will meet the BASIC NEEDS of the people of Liberia.  A Political Party, when governing should ensure law and order, the appointment of justices and judges who will not only make judicial rulings but who maintain a judiciary that is honest and fair,” Mr. Horton averred.

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