HOR Recalls TIA Investment Contract -Subjects It to Scrutiny

MONROVIA:  In a momentous decision during its 13th Day sitting of the third quarter of the sixth session on Thursday, December 21, 2023, members of the House of Representatives voted unanimously to recall the Telecommunication International Alliance (TIA) Investment Contract.

Previously passed by the 54th Legislature, the contract was subjected to scrutiny upon the notice of an alteration, specifically an addendum to the amended and restated agreement.

A statement from the House of Representatives said the addendum pertained to the provision of equipment and training for the monitoring of voice, data, mobile money traffic, and the management of fraud between Telecom International Alliance, Inc. (TIA) and the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA).

The matter, the statement said, was brought to the forefront as the communication regarding the alteration was being discussed, prompting the House to commission an investigation by the plenary.

After thorough consideration and in-depth examination of the circumstances, the House endorsed the report of the Committee on Post and Telecommunication, leading to the unanimous decision to recall the instrument.

Accordingly, the House has provided the recommendations in light of its decision including Reinstatement of Omitted Portion whereby the committee, after careful review based on laws and facts, resolved that the omitted portion of the agreement, as passed by the 54th Legislature on October 27, 2022, be included. This portion states, “That the agreement shall be reviewed after every five (5) years, subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement.”

A second recommendation was Removal of Twenty (20) Years Clause by which the House recommends the removal of the twenty (20) years clause, which suggests that  “Therefore, an extended period in the contractual relation of twenty (20) years will allow TIA to recoup its investment and be less costly for the LTA in trying to develop monitoring solutions.”

However, the decision to recall the contract was followed by a communication from Hon. Dr. Isaac B. Roland, Representative of Electoral District #3, Maryland County, who further emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability in matters of national significance.

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