HONEST TEENAGE REAPS BOUNTIFULLY – Gets National Honor, Receives Scholarship, cash from Pres. Weah

For displaying a high sense of honesty by returning the whopping amounts of USD50, 000 and LD$100,000 found by him to the rightful owner, teenage Emmanuel Tuloe, has been promised to be decorated with a National Award next year by President George Manneh Weah while at the same time receiving cash of USD10, 000, two motorbikes to improve his living condition and a full time scholarship to study up to a Master’s degree level at any institution of his choice.

In a special letter addressed to the young boy dated yesterday, an elated President Weah said he was very proud of Emanuel for his exceptional sense of morality and good citizenship, expressing hope that Emmanuel’s gesture will serve as an inspiration to all Liberians, especially young people.

“You are a prime example of what the Bible teaches us in Proverbs 22:1, that a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches,” the President averred.

President Weah who was exceptionally impressed about the boy’s sense of high degree of honesty said, “I want to inform you that at the next national investiture ceremony, you will be recognized and honored with one of Liberia’s highest Orders of Distinction for your honesty.”

He added: “I am hereby presenting you, herewith enclosed, an amount of Ten Thousand (US$10,000.00) United States Dollars, as well as two (2) brand-new motorcycles for you to improve your circumstances and sustain yourself financially.”

President Weah said he was elated when he heard that Emmanuel had willingly returned intact US$50,000 and approximately LD100, 000 Liberian Dollars which had been lost by a Liberian businesswoman who was passing through Nimba County on her way to Guinea to purchase goods.

“This honest behavior on your part is even more amazing when seen against the backdrop of your personal circumstances,” the President said. “I am made to understand that you are in the 7th grade with no money to continue your education; that you have no means of income except to occasionally borrow a motorbike from one of your friends when he is off-duty in order to earn a few dollars to sustain yourself”.

President Weah further indicated: “You are a Champion, Emmanuel, and we are all very proud of you. Although it is often said that virtue is its own reward, I believe that you should be additionally rewarded for this virtuous act, which brought miraculous rescue and relief to a hardworking businesswoman.”

He concluded by offering a scholarship to Emmanuel to attend any school of his choice in Liberia, up to Master’s level. “This scholarship is from me and my family and will be valid whether or not I am President of Liberia. Please accept my congratulations,” the President said.

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