Help Elect Good Leaders or… -Cummings Tells Clergymen

MONROVIA – The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties CPP Alexander Cummings has underscored the importance of members of the clergy getting involved in the process of electing qualified and competent leaders of the country or the church would forfeit its rights to criticize any bad government.

Mr. Cummings who noted that members of the church as part of the larger society are subject to the rule of any elected government and also suffer the consequences of bad leadership made the assertion during an interactive session he held with several clergymen at a special meeting organized in New Georgia, Caldwell Township.

The meeting was attended by over 100 prelates, predominantly from the Pentecostal and Baptist Churches in Lower Montserrado County.

The businessman turned politician who has consistently taken up issues with the CDC led administration reiterated his criticism when he said President George Weah’s administration has “miserably failed the Liberian people, degraded the presidency, stolen the wealth of the nation, and the Church can’t therefore ignore these worsening economic conditions of the people and re-elect him for a second term”.

Cummings also did not mince words on the place of the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, Mr.Joseph Nyumah Boakai whom he said had served 12 years in the past administration and nearly 50 years in Public service, without any significant legacy, noting it was time Liberians elect a different and new leadership committed to instituting genuine and real change that will better the lives of the suffering masses.

The nearly two hour encounter with the clergy men provided the CPP Standard Bearer the opportunity to answer some questions on his vision and how he hopes to achieve his agenda for real change in Liberia. He highlighted his vision to deal with the country’s infrastructural deficit, reviving the worsening economic conditions, job creation and the fight against corruption in both the public and private sector.

Several Clergymen spoke about the deteriorating economic conditions, lack of jobs and opportunities, drug abuse among the youth, and failed government promises to the Liberian people.

Cummings maintained that the church must remain in the vanguard for selection and election of competent and qualified leadership that will ably steer the affairs of the nation and improve the life of the people, noting that with a small population of about five million and the vast natural resources, Liberians deserve better than what is obtaining under the administration of President Weah.

He further said the church cannot overlook these evils and remain silent and not advocate and educate their respective congregations to elect competent and qualified leadership.

The politician urged Liberians to stop repeating past mistakes and doing the same thing over and again and expect that conditions will change for the better, without hard work, sacrifice and commitment to change, noting that no amount of wishful thinking or talking will change Liberia.

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