Hardship under Weah is worst -Citizen Group Says

By: Stephen G. Fellajuah

Although the country has been facing some complex glitches since the end of the 14 years of civil war, a group calling itself the Third Eye Movement (TEM) however said the hardship that is been faced with by Liberians under the new leadership of President George Weah, is the worst which, if not manage properly by this government could lead the country into total collapse,” the group said.

The TEM has therefore called on the Technical Economic Management Team (TEMT) to fix the economy, expose the dishonesty in the Asset recovery process, and sustain the fight against corruption.

The Third Eye Movement, a reformist socio-politico institution founded by broad minded young ideologues to interpret the politics, economics, governance and social interaction, made assertions in a Statement the group’s National Chairman, A. Randolph Kemokai, read on their behalf.

TEM’s Chairman Kemokai, said the Movement is embarking on a never – ended campaign to expose ills and corruptions in the Liberian society. “We believe that in an unjust society, silence is a crime.”

According to the group, there are many vices that are impeding the transformational development of the country, ranging from bad economy, rampant corruption, dishonesty of the Asset Recovery Team, bad Government policies like the new LTA regulation, the farce called Economic Dialogue Conference and disingenuous opposition community.

The group noted:  “For any country to move forward, the economy must first work for all its citizens, which the current economic paradigm is not providing. It is a fact that this regime inherited a very terrible economy but their ability to transform it will set the page for prosperity and development.

The group further noted that the economy is losing millions of dollars and jobs due to UNMIL drawdown, and the values of major exports (Rubber, Iron ore) are declining on the world market which is causing many companies to scale down their labor forces and limit their investments, thereby causing high unemployment rate, hike in the price of commodities and double inflation.

Said TEM’s national chairman: “The Economy Management Team needs to double their efforts and save our dying economy through a progressive Macroeconomic stability programs.”  He furthered called on the Technical Economy Management Team to make quick intervention in addressing the exchange rate on the Liberian market

The Statement said the process of exposing the ill-gotten wealth of former officials as embarked upon early this year by the Ministry of Justice is selective though, the Movement however pledge to support any genuine action to hunt for stolen wealth.

“The current Government of Republic of Liberia under the political leadership of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has proven very little in the combat against corruption; as the culture impunity has once more taken preeminence over accountability,” the Statement intimated.

TEM said the Ministry of Commerce mandate to all businesses operating in Liberia to transact using both Liberian and US dollars is yet to be implemented as foreign businesses continue to demand US dollars during transaction.

The group frowned on the new policy of LTA to cancel three days free calls and reducing data for browsing, describing it as draconian, untimely and anti-poor. “Ending it was a great policy error from the Liberian Government. So we demand the immediately restitution of the previous call and data policy.

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