“Halt Ja’neh’s Impeachment” – Muslim Council Official Demands

The National General of the National Muslim Council of Liberia, Sheik Akbu Sheriff, is calling on the Government of Liberia to halt all aspects of the ongoing impeachment proceedings of Associate Justice Kabineh M.  Ja’neh and allow the Traditional Council of Chiefs and Elders as well as the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia to intervene in the interest of peace and development.

The impeachment proceedings against Associate Justice Ja’neh hit the floor of the House of Representatives from two lawmakers of Montserrado County, Representatives Moses Acarous Gray and Thomas Fallah of the ruling Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC) on August 28, 2018, for alleged “misconduct” and “gross breach of duty” in keeping with the constitutional powers assigned to the House of Representatives to prepare a bill of impeachment.

Sheik Akbu Sheriff made the statement when he addressed a major news conference on behalf of the Muslim Council of Liberia on Sunday afternoon, February 24, 2019 at the Council’s Headquarters on the Old Road in Sinkor area.

The National General noted that to adhere to the constitutional provision which requires that a judge cannot be prosecuted for his or her opinion, stressing that ignorance to that constitutionally provision causes violation the constitution and doctrine of the separation of power on the part of the prosecutors of Justice Jan’eh.

Sheik Akbu observed, respecting and upholding the independence of the Judicial Branch of Government are indispensably relevant to sustaining the rule of law, Liberia fledgling democracy and the progress and viability of the Liberia.

“No peaceful coexistence, no credible democratic election and no attractive investment climate can exist in a society where the judiciary is not independent or free to play its role,” Sheriff said.  He further said it is to the best of their recollection that all cases mentioned in the proceedings are cases that were adjudicated in accordance with law which were resolved and finalized by some of the same justices who are now spearheading the impeachment proceedings against Justice Ja’neh.

“The National Muslim Council of Liberia has been following the unfolding of the proceedings between the two branches of government, civil society organizations, political parties and individual citizens from the inception of the ongoing impeachment proceedings to the stage at which we are now,” he noted.

The Sheik however, pointed out that the National Muslim Council of Liberia cautions the Liberian government to do all within its power to handle what he referred to as a ‘menace’ in the interest of the country- Courtesy of LINA.

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