Gruesome Murder! – Man 28 Admits Killing Girlfriend

By D. Patrick Tokpah,

The Analyst Gbarnga Correspondent

It was on the fateful day of June 8, 2019 when a 28-year-old man, Sulon Mulbah, allegedly committed a gruesome murder of the mother of his young baby, Hawa Gbokolo 22, on a farm road in Jarpkah Town in Sanoyea District following a heated argument in with the Mulbah accused his girlfriend of having extra-love affairs with another man. Mulbah’s accusation was grounded on what he referred to as the late return of Hawa from out, saying that Hawa could no longer sleep at his residence but at the residence of his parents.

Our Bong County Correspondent said Hawa was killed on her way from the farm along with her week-old baby, her elder daughter and a five years old little brother. Mulbah was charged by the Liberia National Police for murder on June 8, 2019 and was scheduled for appearance in court on Monday June 10, 2019.

The 28 year old alleged murderer admitted to police investigation that he stabbed Hawa to death when he met her on the farm road in Sanoyea District and deserted her corpse in a nearby- swamp bush and took away his baby.

Mulbah said he stabbed his baby mother with a knife two times but the sharp instrument couldn’t penetrate and he later abandoned the knife and used the lapper she was wearing to kill her.

“I killed my new born baby ma, because I suspected her of loving to my friend Archie Boy in Jarpkah Town during her pregnancy. After I observed it, I immediately complained to the town chief and her parents; but there was no intervention into my matter.

“I bought washing soap for her to wash my baby clothes, but she used it to wash her boyfriend Archie Boy’s clothes. She couldn’t sleep to my house again, but to her parent’s house with Archie,” he added.

Mulbah, who is widely called “Palm Wine” for cutting palm and producing local beverage, said he killed Hawa because of jealousy and after the incident, he reported himself to the LNP Deport in Sanoyea Town on May 29, 2019.

For his part, the Liberia National Police Bong County Detachment Crimes Service Division Commander, Col. John Kellenson Flomo, told journalists that upon hearing the horrific news from Sanoyea District on June 6, 2019, he led a team of investigators to the crime scene.

He narrated that the remains of Hawa Gbokolo was turned over to family members for funeral arrangements. Following a preliminary investigation by the team of jurors, foul play was established on the body.

Col. Flomo said the Liberia National Police immediately took the alleged murderer to the Police Headquarters in Gbarnga in order to avoid the act of mop violence by residents in Sanoyea District..

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