Gray Highlights Development of Women and Youth -Through Legislative Enactment

MONROVIA: Issues surrounding the sustainable development of women and youth in Liberia have been highlighted at a global stage by Montserrado County Representative Moses Acarious Gray where as Head of the Liberian Delegation to the 62nd Session of the Organization of African, Caribbean, and Pacific States (OACPS) Parliament, has presented Liberia`s gains through legislative enactment.

According to a dispatch from Brussels, Belgium, Hon. Gray took part in discussions at the opening of the formal session of the 63rd OACPS at its headquarters in Brussels, which covered issues of strategic focus that range from partnership within member states and their links with the European Union, expansion of its partnership and visibility within the global framework, climate change, food and energy crisis and current global issues.

Parliamentarians from member states of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific are participating in the 63rd session of the OEACP Parliamentary Assembly and 43rd session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, Brussels, Belgium.

The Legislature of the Republic of Liberia is represented by Gray who is actively engaged in the long 10-day sessions aimed at addressing pertinent international and regional matters.

During the opening session, Hon. Ana Rita Sithole, Speaker of the Mozambique Parliament and the current President of the OACPS Parliamentary Assembly, gave an opening statement highlighting the state of affairs on many challenges faced by OACPS Countries as well as some unresolved issues regarding the signing of the   Post-Cotonou Agreement with the European parliament. She further restated the commitment OACPS to improve the visibility of the Parliamentary Assembly, and strengthen the organ and create alliances with key strategic assemblies.

Taking the floor during these deliberations, Representative Gray thanked the Presiding Officer Madam, Rita Sithole and called on his colleagues to firstly implement domestic policies and Laws that will target Sustainable development amongst women and Youth. He named the National Youth policy, gender parity Act among other laws and policy as tools that Liberia has set to address these issues.

According to Gray, by implementing the National Youth Policy and the Gender Parity Act, they are taking crucial steps towards creating an inclusive and equitable society. “These policies and laws have the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of young people and women, fostering their empowerment and promoting sustainable development”. Rep. Gray averred.

He was unequivocal in stating that the National Youth Policy can serve as a comprehensive framework that addresses the specific needs, aspirations, and challenges faced by the youth population in Liberia. He said it should include provisions for education, employment, skill development, entrepreneurship, mental health support, and civic engagement. By prioritizing these areas, the representative said governments can help equip young individuals with the necessary tools and opportunities to thrive, contribute to society, and become future leaders.

Similarly, Hon. Gray said the Gender Parity Act demonstrates the House of Representatives commitment to promoting gender equality and ensuring equal representation and opportunities for women. “This legislation can encompass a range of measures, such as eliminating gender-based discrimination in the workplace, promoting women’s political participation, and addressing issues related to gender-based violence. By enacting this act, the representative is actively working towards breaking down barriers and creating an environment where women can achieve their full potential”. Hon. Gray asserts.

He further mentioned that in order to ensure the successful implementation of these policies and laws, it is crucial to allocate adequate resources, establish monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, and collaborate with relevant stakeholders, including youth organizations, women groups, and civil society. Regular assessments and feedback loops, he says, will help gauge progress, identify areas of improvement, and ensure that the policies remain responsive to the evolving needs of youth and women.

“By championing sustainable development and gender equality through these policies and laws, the representative is playing a vital role in building a fair, inclusive, and prosperous society. Their commitment to empowering youth and women is commendable and will undoubtedly contribute to a brighter future for all”. The Liberian delegation head stated.

Liberia Delegation included, Representative Gray, who heads the delegation, Senve Darlington Tehmeh, Minister Counselor Press and Public Affairs -Alternate Representative OACPS) and Madam Harriette M. Thomas, 1st Secretary/ Consul.

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