Gray D Allison High Commended For WASSCE Success

The Ministry of National Defense has lauded the administration of the Gray D. Allison High School for her excellent performance in the just ended 2021 WAEC AND WASSCE exams.

The Gray D Allison High is owned and operated by the Ministry of National Defense.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of National Defense and signed by Sam K. Collins, Assistant Minister for Public Affairs, the Ministry said it is impressed with the statistical analysis of the school overall performance which shows that 33 of the 34 senior students that took the WASSCE obtained credits.

The statistics indicates that 13 students got 3 credits, 14 of them got 4 credits, 3 of the students got 5 credits while 3 students got 6 credits, respectively.

At the same time, the Ministry expressed delights over the performance of students Amadou D. Jallabah and Philomena M. Williams for being part of the 96 students of the 40,000 plus students that sat the exams and passed with honors.

Commenting on the performance of the students, the Principal of the Gray D. Allison High School, James E. B. Richardson, II, thanked the Administration of the Ministry of National Defense for its continuous support to the school over the years.

He also lauded the parents of the students for their courage and support that have made it possible for the Gray D. Allison High to be where it is amongst the many Government High Schools within the Republic of Liberia.

Mr. Richardson praised the faculty and the administration for adequately preparing the students for the exams which has yielded such a great result.

According to him, Gray D. Allison High School in recent times has been the highest performing government-run school in Liberia. He asserted further that during the 2020 WASSCE exams, Gray D. Allison High School was the only government school that has one of its students as part of 26 students that passed with honors.

The Principal of the Gray D. Allison High School further stated that when his team took over the school in 2011, his vision was to build the academic image of school which is successfully being achieved as evident by the performance of his students in the national and regional exams.

Renewing the vision, he vowed to make Gray D. Allison High School the best government-run school in the Republic of Liberia.

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