Grand Bassa Goes Festive -As CPP Picks Running Mate

MONROVIA – Massive preparations are underway by the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) as its Standard Bearer, Mr. Alexander Cummings, officially announces his running mate on May 27, in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, four months to the General and Presidential Elections slated for October 10, this year.

The special CPP Committee charged with responsibility to vet for the most suitable Vice Standard Bearer amongst several eligible and competent high profile Liberians has reportedly forwarded a female candidate for considerations by Mr. Cummings. The CPP Standard Bearer has exhausted his own evaluation of the recommendation and is set to make the pronouncement in the County of origin of his preferred choice for Vice Standard Bearer, which is seemingly in the port city of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

Thousands of CPP partisans, supporters, sympathizers and well-wishers from the 15 counties of Liberia have already begun trooping into Buchanan for the naming ceremony, promising to be the largest political gathering in Liberian history.

The program will be proceeded by a grand parade by thousands of citizens throughout the principal streets of Buchanan, and followed by massive celebrations including cultural and traditional performances and musical extravaganza by popular Liberian artists.

Mr. Cummings will lead a high power delegation of CPP stalwarts along with hundreds of Montserrado County partisans, who will be joined by partisans from the other 14 counties to converge in Buchanan for the program.

The CPP, comprising the Alternative National Congress (ANC), the Liberty Party (LP), political auxiliaries, civil society and interest groups is seemingly the most formidable opposition determined to capture state power from the inept CDC government of President George Weah.

  1. Jacob Doe says


    Honorable Enoch M. Dogolea
    President of the Honorable Liberia Senate and
    Distinguished Senators
    The Honorable Liberian Senate
    Capitol Building
    Monrovia, LIBERIA


    Dear Honorable President of the Senate & Fellow Senators:

    I write to formally complain the unbecoming and distasteful behavior of Senator Charles Walker Brumskine of Grand Bassa County who walked into my – office on Friday, January 30, 1998 at 11:48 a.m. in the presence of my Administrative Assistant David Wiles, Senators Thomas Nimely and George Koukou and rained insults at me as well as his threats against me to remove me as Chairman of the Way, Means, Finance and Maritime Affairs Committee of the Honorable Liberian Senate because, according to him, I did not approve Travel Expenses for Senator Evelyn Diggs Townsend, Senator of Montserrado County, for her trip to the African Caribbean Pacific European Union Parliamentary Union (ACP-EU) scheduled to convene in Brussels, Belgium. My decision not to approve the Travel Expenses was due to the fact that there was no money in the interim budget to cover the Senator Townsend’s trip.

    Senator Brumskine insulted me by saying, “WHO IS A FAHN TO DENY A TOWNSEND FROM TRAVELING FROM LIBERIA? YOUR NATIVE PEOPLE KILLED HER HUSBAND IN 1980 AND YOU TOO; A NATIVE MAN IS DENYING HER THE CHANCE TO TRAVEL”. I felt deeply insulted, demeaned and hurt by his action and I responded to him. “GET YOUR STUPID SELF FROM MY OFFICE, YOU FOOL”. Senator Brumskine again replied to me, “I WILL MAKE SURE TO REMOVE YOU FROM THIS COMMITTEE AND GET AT YOU, YOU COUNTRY FOOL. WE GET OUR COUNTRY BACK NOW, DAMN COUNTRY FOOL”. My colleagues and staff present can singularly prove all that Senator Brumskine and I said. Both Senators Nimely and Koukou lashed at Senator Brumskine for such divisive remarks and threats.

    Honorable President of the Senate and Fellow Senators, I most respectfully request this body to look into my complaint as expeditiously as possible before my pending leave of absence for a short term course in the United States of America as you all are aware of.

    Respectfully yours,

    Signed: S. Bedell Fahn
    S. Bedell Fahn (HON)
    SENIOR SENATOR MARGIBI COUNTY (Transcribed from Brumskine_Fahn (1).pdf)

  2. Jacob Doe says

    Cummings needs help. He has no idea about constitutional democratic politics. He is still drowned in the TWP SETTLERS TYRANNY AND OLIGARCHY.

  3. Anonymous says

    Cummings needs help. He has no idea about constitutional democratic politics. He is still drowned in the TWP SETTLERS TYRANNY AND OLIGARCHY.

  4. J. Andrew M. Suomie says

    This can not be a news script. It locks everything a news script should have. It is buried in two much of the writer’s opinion and emotions.

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