Govt. Releases Dumoe -Following Mounting Public Concerns

MONROVIA – In the wake of mounting calls from Liberians beseeching the government of Liberia to release from detention Mr. Manipajei Dumoe, an Executive Committee Member of the opposition Liberty Party, over social media comments he had issued few days ago, the Government of Liberia has now ordered the release of Mr. Dumoe.

The whole bruhaha started when Mr. Dumoe issued during last weekend a Facebook comment stating, “We don’t need free bags of rice. I say we the poor in Monrovia need AK47for s so our leaders can take us seriously,” in apparent reaction to government’s delayed distribution of food items to the citizenry.

Following a backlash from the public regarding his controversial social media post, Dumoe later rationalized that his post should not be taken literally.

“A number of people have called me about a post I made last night regarding our people needing “AK47s”. Of course, this was a metaphor; AK47 is a globally known symbol of resistance. Several national flags carry the AK47 symbol as a statement of resistance against oppression. My call on our people to not just accept free bags of rice without questioning the system that has them living in desperate poverty should not be misunderstood as a call to violence. I am a none violent political activist and will never call for the use of actual guns. Civil resistance is my M.O.,” the rambunctious COP executive stated.

The Liberty Party stalwart and executive member of the Council of Patriots was later handcuffed, shamed and detained by state security following search of his residence, apparently for weapons. Although the police later admitted that their search and seizure efforts amounted to nothing, Dumoe was detained beyond the statutory hours.

According to the Ministry of Information release heralding conditions for Mr. Dumoe’s release, the Ministry of Information said Dumoe was arrested on May 12, 2020 after a search of his home – which was sanctioned by the courts – for making statements deemed threatening to national security.

According to Justice Minister Musa Dean, an investigation by the Joint Security, which includes the examination of materials from Mr. Dumoe’s home, is continuing.

The MICAT release further reiterated that government remains committed to protecting the fundamental rights of everyone, even as it grapples with an unprecedented health crisis, and urges all to refrain from making incendiary remarks that could undermine the hard-earned peace.

“Liberia currently faces an existential threat that should claim the attention of all of us. Attempting to score political points when our compatriots die is unpatriotic,” Information Minister Eugene Nagbe stated.

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