“Gov’t Lobbying Against Itself” -Senator Darius Dillon debunks Claims

Against the allegation from the CDC led government that the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) is lobbying against it in the United States of America to thwart the efforts of government from getting the attention of the American Government which would positively impact on the country, fiercest Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has fired back at the government and debunked the allegation, stressing that it is instead the CDC government that is lobbying against itself.

Reacting to  the government claims through his official Facebook page, Senator Dillon listed several reasons why it was the CDC that was working against itself and could not be the CPP because there were obvious misdeeds that the government was involved with that do not need any other persons to be blamed for other than the government itself.

“So, because we have been a bit quiet, the CDC regime thinks they have won by our silence ehn? Hayaka!!!” the Senator began his post and continued, “Who is LOBBYING against this CDC regime, it is the very CDC regime that is LOBBYING against herself by actions and or inactions? Who really needs to “lobby” AGAINST a regime that lacks openness, transparency and accountability? He questioned.

Who really needs to “lobby” AGAINST a care-less regime under whose watch Auditors and other citizens mysteriously die nearly every week without justice, thereby leaving unanswered questions and deep griefs and sorrows in the hearts of families and loved ones?”, he said.

The post which is seen as being satirical against the government was written in such a way to mock it, Senator Dillon who is affectionately referred to  as THE LIGHT for his stand to expose some hidden activities in the upper chamber of the national legislature furthered, “Who needs to “lobby” AGAINST an insensitive regime under whose watch citizens go missing without traces with no efforts to finding them as though the missing citizens have no human values? ,”Who really needs to “lobby” AGAINST a regime under whose watch babies and young girls are being violated and raped almost daily without protection and justice? “Who needs to “lobby” AGAINST a regime that deliberately fails to account for $25M “Mop-up exercise”? Who really needs to “lobby” AGAINST a regime that fails to account for over $25M in “Stimulus Package”? Who really has precious time to waste to “lobby” AGAINST a gang that takes international partners money from the Central Bank without the knowledge and consent of the international partners?

Going further in his indictment of the government , the CPP top politician said,” Who needs to “lobby” AGAINST a regime whose once financially poor officials are seen acquiring and now owning properties and other material wealth from unexplained sources they did not have and could not afford before taking charge of state authority? “What’s the need to even “lobby” AGAINST a regime that has no appetite, respect and tolerance for good governance?  “Does anyone need to “lobby” AGAINST a regime that is doing everything to undermine and shy away from establishing a War and Economic Crimes Court? “Who needs to “lobby” AGAINST a regime that undermines and compromises the integrity and independence of the Judiciary? “Is there really a need to “lobby” AGAINST a regime where the Legislature is weak on oversight and largely ineffective on holding the executive branch to account? “Who really needs to “lobby” AGAINST a dictatorial regime that censors the critical media and witch-hunts critical voices?

The Montserrado Senator who set a record of massively defeating the ruling establishment twice in the senatorial race concluded his post with few other rhetorical questions, “Is there a need to “lobby” AGAINST a regime, some of whose officials find pleasure in extorting from investors, duping investors with impunity and dishonoring terms of legal contracts? Does anyone really need to “lobby” AGAINST a regime that weakens integrity institutions, intimidates whistle-blowers and embraces corruption as a partner? And, by the way, how has LOBBYING and DEMANDING for good governance and respect for the rule of law ever become a crime? Why are CDC regime apologists everywhere CRYING about and against LOBBY when it was a good thing they did in opposition?

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