Govt. is Working Great – Asst. Min. Potter, but Admits Little Crisis in the Economy

By: John Dennis Weah, Jr.

The Assistant Minister of Logistics at the Ministry of State and Presidential Affairs, James Emmanuel Potter hails the CDC led government under the watchful eyes of President Dr. George Manneh Weah for scoring good marks despite the numerous challenges in less than a year on its first term of state governance. Assistant Minister Potter spoke at the Broom Show on Prime FM Radio Station on last week when he addressed some issues regarding the current state of affairs of the country.
He said President Weah’s dream and aspiration is the development of Liberia and for Liberians to be able to make ends meet for their families. In like manner he noted that the Pro-Poor Rice which is about 80,000 bags is currently available on the Liberian market and that shows a sign of government’s efforts to alleviate some of the difficulties surrounding the prevailing economic situation in the country.
He referenced the president’s statement made on January 22nd 2018 in which he said, “our markets are opened and Liberians will not be spectators in their own country” as a commitment made to the Liberian people. The Assistant Minister of Logistics also added that the sales of the Pro-Poor Rice imported will be left solely in the hands of Liberian business owners who are licensed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to take charge of sales responsibility.
The importation of the Pro-Poor Rice according to him is continuity and remains a priority of the government until she leaves power, Assistant Minister Potter said. The current roads development is part of a multifaceted plan of the Pro-Poor Agenda in which he serves as an appointee.
When asked as to what he sees as work done in the past (11) eleven months or obstacles as well, he responded that even though the economy is bad but the government is doing everything possible to get things on the right course.
He also flagged the on-going roads construction works by the government in Monrovia and its surroundings as a leap into a growing economy. Adding that roads connectivity is vital to trade and commerce and the lives of the people are improved when they have free movement.
According to him there are some little crisis within the economy but asserted that the government is working assiduously great to make sure that the economy is balanced.
“We inherited a broken economy” understanding the fact that the economy cannot be fixed within the twinkle of an eye but the government is working out modalities with sincerity to its people. At the same time he mentioned that the Economic Management Team (EMT) is formulating plans for positive outcomes. The Team is the strategic planning group working to help the government manage issues of the economy.
Furthermore, on the issue of attributing good governance to the government he articulated his assets declaration in accordance with the week-long ultimatum issued by the president and described it as necessary. Min. Potter admits paying his ‘property tax’ that his assets is valued at (145,000) One Hundred and Forty Five Thousand with taxes already been paid to government revenue-currency not verified.
Minister Potter hails President Weah for the decision of officials of government to declare assets as something that is done in good fate. Commenting on why the strong position of the president on the assets declaration is made this time around, he said “the president waited for us to go and willingly do it, since we are not willing so he has to give an ultimatum for us to do it and we have to adhere to that.
Minister Potter also used the occasion to dispute recent opinion polls that placed able lieutenants of the president at higher scores in terms of performance while President Weah being the driver of the vehicle at the lowest as impossible.
Despising the notion that everyone goes into top positions in government in order to amaze wealth is not his intention. The minister boasted accordingly that he came into government with at least two to three homes built as personal properties before his inclusion in government. He also alluded to being supportive of the position of the president on assets declaration.

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