Gov’t Arrests 2,000Barrels Of Suspected Poisoned Meat

The Ministry of commerce in partnership with the health Ministry has arrested two thousand seven hundred and fifty barrels of pork meat suspected to be poison.

Speaking to journalists recently in a joint press conference at the Ministry of Commerce, Health Minister Dr. Whilemena Jallah revealed that some time last year in December, information came from the European Commission that contaminated meat with salmonella poison  from one slaughter hall in Europe was bought by one company in Liberia and is on its way to the country.

According to Dr. Jallah, the information came to the government because of the country’s relationship with the international community in protecting the lives of the Liberian people. She told journalists that the meat is presently under the government control awaiting poison test from a recognized laboratory.

She said the government will do all its  best to see if really the meat is affected with the salmonella poison, saying that the government’s interest is to see that the people are safe when it comes to food product coming into the country.

She assured that there is no need for the public to panic as the meat in question has been quarantined under hard protection.

In his statement, Commerce Minister Wilson Tarpeh said the company that brought in the poison meat is Cheaitou brothers, and they are working together with them to see that the right thing is done.

Prof. Wilson Tarpeh said his ministry and the Health Ministry are doing all their best to test the meat to determine whether or not the meat is truly poisoned according to the information.

He called on the public to cooperate with them in making the fight a success, promising that they will come out with their finding.

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