Gongloe’s Media Team Condemns Tarpeh’s Attack -Wants Incident Investigated

MONROVIA – As more public displeasure against the alleged arson attack on the residence of the National Chairman of the Unity Party(UP), Dr. Luther Tarpeh on Friday, August 12, 2022 continues to be expressed, the Media Committee of the Gongloe Global Movement has strongly and unequivocally condemned the incident and has called for an immediate investigation to fish out the perpetrators to allay the fears of citizens and residents.

In a press statement from the movement signed by Messrs Joe Bartuah and Gibson Jerue, Media Consultant and Chairman of the Gongloe Media Committee, it said the overnight fire incident, which appears to be an arson attack on and opposition political party official not only sends a shock wave and fear throughout the nation, but it also reminds Liberians of the dark days when opposition politicians became targets of covert state-sponsored acts of terror against them and their family members. “These acts of coercive use of covert power were cowardly then and if this is what is at play, then it remains cowardly today. This government needs to swiftly investigate this incident to establish the truth of what happened on that fateful night of August 12, 2022 and bring the perpetrators to speedy justice”, the release said.

“Our iconic Presidential Aspirant, social and political justice luminary, Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe, who is nationally known for promoting the rule of law and accountability for crimes committed against citizens and residents, wants this incident to be investigated immediately to establish the cause or causes of the fire. A nation, in which citizens and residents live in perpetual fears and agony of arbitrary use of covert coercive power against its citizens is bound to stagnate in many key aspects of national growth and development as that nation risks degenerating into lawlessness, chaos and jungle justice.

“We recall with profound disdain and despicable regrets of President George Weah’s previous statement calling on all citizens and residents to install CCTV as his approach and remedy the surge of lawlessness and insecurity for personal and national security of citizens and the nation. We believe that such a statement was callous, reckless, and it further endangered the lives of citizens who squarely depend on their government for their individual and collective security. As we move closer to the National presidential and general elections, we challenge this government to guide against undermining the peace and security of individual citizens and the state by enforcing national security measures to safeguard our people and democracy. 

“Liberians cannot afford to return to the nation’s dark past as all indicators of this government’s reckless administration of state affairs seem to portray. To have a peaceful nation, the rule of law must always be respected, as Cllr. Gongloe has always stressed, and the government must also ensure that it acts within the confines of our laws and provide citizens with the relief required in incidents like the fire incident that damaged the home of the UP Chairman, Rev. Tarpeh.  A prompt investigation would establish whether the fire incident was an accident or an arson attack targeted to silence opposition politicians and political actors”, the statement concluded.

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