“Go To Court with Evidence” -Margibi Youths Chide CENTAL for Slandering McGill

MARGIBI COUNTY: Progressive Youths of Margibi County (PROYMAC), has condemned what it called the continuous wave of malicious falsehoods and derogatory statements being made against its Senator-Elect, Nathaniel Falo McGill, by the Center for Transparency and Accountability (CENTAL),  which the group described as “an ‘ Integrity, credibility lost and cash driven institution.

“We want to encourage CENTAL to go to court with their evidence(s) if any, and abort their malicious witch-hunt against our beloved Senator ‘ Nathaniel Falo McGill’,” the Youth Group indicated. .

The progressive Youths group of Margibi County, referred to CENTAL’s stance against the election of the Margibi County Senator-elect as “barrages of diabolical and continuous wave of ungrounded aspersions and falsehoods commixture with intentional character defamation against the person of our God-sent, hardworking, down-to-earth, and progressive Senator, Mr. McGill” which the group “vociferously condemned in the loudest voice and voluminous tone.

PROYMAC in a statement yesterday said the group is sufficiently aware and informed that there are certain nefarious and diabolical elements camouflaging under the canopy of CENTAL, whose greatest source of satisfaction is to ensure that their our leader Mr. McGill’s face decays from the surface of the Liberian body politics, thereby, further derailing the lifetime image of  Senator-elect.

“To you the campaigners of selective hate messages and ungrounded accusations at CENTAL,” they warned, “make no mistake, for we the people of Margibi County are too intelligent, focus and astute to be carry away, least frightened by your wide pool of fabricated and concocted lies, tales and calumnies” against Mr. McGill.

The Margibi youth group considered Senator-elect McGill as their “God sent”, and pointed out that the Youths of Margibi County are at least care less of the “selective witch hunt” of some elements in CENTAL against Mr. Mr. McGill.

For years, the Margibi youth group indicated that they have worked with the former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and know what he stands for, adding. “Our Senator is a peaceful man, a unique reconciler with zero history of violence or anti-social behaviors.”

Besides, the group explained that Senator-elect McGill is hardworking, decent, down-to-earth and development oriented, stressing that McGill is a man who loves his county and country dearly and places development over material wealth and possessions.

PROYMAC, as the group calls itself, therefore admonished CENTAL to find another means to regain its lost credibility and integrity instead of using their Senator’s name and face to return to status quo.

On that note they said, “we the 52,272 Margibians who voted for Hon. McGill made no mistake by electing him as our Senator for Nine solid years,” the maintained.

PROYMAC said Margibians are not ungrateful people, asserting that Mr. McGill has brought great relieved to Margibi County in the areas in various sectors including roads connectivity and rehabilitation, scholarships for underprivileged Margibians, women’s empowerment programs across Margibi, markets construction, health needs, and advocacy for parents tapping in the plantation areas, among many others.

Signed by Isreal T. Mayue as spokesperson and Reuben Washington as secretary general along with some others, including James Kolleh, Benedict Wright, Peter Fumah, Rebecca Tiah Gerald Kollie and Edward P. Dixon, all members of PROYMAC, the statement concluded, “we the progressive Youths of Margibi County, loves and cherish our Senator dearly and will stand with and by him in every positive endeavors that borders on the forward march of our beloved county, Margibi.”

Earlier, in the Statement, the group saluted the Peace-loving, hardworking, decent and progressive people of Margibi County, Particularly, the “56,272″ determined people who imposed their confidence in McGill on ” October 10, 2023 General and Presidential Elections.

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