“Go Beyond your Limits for Success” -VP Howard-Taylor Tells CU Graduates

MONROVIA – Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has challenged the recent graduates of Cuttington University to rise above any limits that impede their progress and go all out to achieve their goals, stressing that in life there are always situations that have happened before and similar solutions were also found by others that were faced with the problems.

Delivering a moving keynote address at the 60th Convocation exercise of her alma mater, Vice President Taylor opted for a radical departure from the normal ways of Convocation Orators speaking on a specific issue, but decided to communicate to the graduates by inspiring them not to see any obstacle as a barrier, teaching them how to go about solving the problem and leaving them with an encouragement that problems have always existed right from the existence of mankind, but what have been able to prevail is the fact that there is solution to each and every problem based on how one takes on the problem, because according to her, others before have done it.

Speaking on the topic: ‘Seeing Beyond the Limits of Your Present Circumstances’, which she broke down to the understanding of the audience, VP Taylor said she chose to center her message on how each individual as the master of their own destiny and faced with circumstances, can rise to the occasion and change the trajectory of their lives for the better of all.

“After having said all I have said earlier; I know that there may still be some amongst us who are still wondering – what is she saying; and in fact why are these words or concepts even important to where we find or perceive ourselves to be today; and in fact how do they change a life from being a challenging one to one of success?

“The simple answer is that – Humans are Spiritual beings housed in bodies which can be compelled to move beyond current circumstances by an innerspring called inspiration”, VP Taylor said.

 In a rare display of a life changing teaching, She said any inspiration is fueled by what one sees thru the inner eye, and once inspiration is ignited, the heart can be lifted or depressed, adding that if the heart is lifted, it causes the entire body to move beyond the ordinary, conjuring new and better ways to transform a challenging situation into an opportunity of greatness.

“With this being said; I am pleased to say that after all I have read, seen, heard and experienced, I have come to the conclusion and hope you will agree with me that those who change history are ones who see beyond the ordinary; ignore the limits of present circumstances and times; and by their amazing actions, inspire a generation to work together to change the status quo,” VP Taylor enjoined.

In her well-chosen words and in a manner she connected them with delivering her message, Mrs. Howard Taylor presented a scenario where an individual being confronted with a problem could either mar the situation or overcome it, drawing the audience’s attention to two circumstances.

“Its first effect if you have never experienced it before; caused one to be in a state of total shock or disbelief, with some thinking that what they see or perceive whilst in this state is only a mirage; causing them to either shut down in fear; or convince themselves that this is an impossibility.

 “If you have experienced this magnetic force, your mind is transformed forever; making you a part of the movers and shakers of history.

“The second effect causes an inner illumination which lights up the whole man, making him believe that nothing is impossible. This level of illumination causes him to move beyond the limits of his circumstances, bringing to life unlimited possibilities; thus, allowing him to be magical, to the awe of others,” she said.

She gave some common examples of athletes who seem to defy gravity and fly through the air, or others who dream and create the most amazing systems which baffle most of mankind, adding that this concept is found even in the Holy Bible as recorded in Ephesians Chapter 1 vs 18 which states: “Having the eyes of your hearts enlightened, that you may know what is the hope to which he has called you; to the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints.”

She said The Quran also has an explicit description which says: “that the heart is the most important part of the body, as it controls the actions of every person, “indeed in the body there is a piece of flesh, if it is reformed, the whole body becomes good; and if it is spoiled then the whole body becomes spoiled. That organ is the heart.”

“Both Books of wisdom and knowledge generalize and simplify this mystery, because the simple truth is that anyone who desires and seeks this magic can access it for good or evil.

“The only requirement for operating in this sphere lies in decisions made”, she said.

She said with the premise she set in her speech, one will agree with her that Life constantly presents everyone with circumstances which are beyond their normal ability to change which they unfortunately did not have the freedom to choose; yet they are forced to deal with them and make choices for our lives. She said few of these are the circumstances of our birth, our family ties, our genetics and the day we will die, adding that these basic fundamentals cannot be altered and people must live with them for the rest of our lives.

“A child born in the hinterland to poverty-stricken parents; a girl child born in a family that desperately desire a male child; a child born in a family whose parents carry stigmas perceived or real of disgrace and dishonor; a child born of genetic defects which make them outcasts; a person who never seems to be able to find their way; a person who makes the wrong turn and end up as an addict; a woman who is raped and conceives a child from the rape; a man who works hard yet seems to be passed over each time there is an opportunity for a raise; a person who desperately wants to change the situation, yet the wrong person remains in charge; and the list could go on and on”, she said.

She however said that the reverse is also true, that many others are born under bright skies with the fate of life seemingly already in their favor, as they grow up believing in unlimited opportunities and possibilities, growing up with the notion that Life is at their beck and call; and that they have the Midas touch – turning everything they touch into gold. But if they are not conscious of the reality that life always requires one to make a decision in order to grow, they could squander these opportunities.

“The great equalizer between both points of view is that – regardless of which side of the coin a person finds themselves, each one has to make a choice; as they perceive how the circumstances life has handed them can be used to either remain stagnant, change their situation around for the better in spite of challenges or move from a life of dreams into a realm of unlimited possibilities”, she said.

Turning to the graduates and asking them where they have in mind going after their graduation, she drew so lessons from her own experience on how she initially saw her position of Vice President as “a Beautiful Parked Car in a Garage”.

“Then I asked myself; why had a country girl from very humble beginnings been lifted to this high Office? I then perceived that I was an agent of change whose prime responsibilities was to spread inspiration wherever I found myself; and help lift the spirit of inspiration of women and girls and youth across the nations of the world. You see, upon this changed mindset – from a beautiful parked car to an even more beautiful vessel of inspiration, my focus changed,” Madam Taylor said.

In her closing statement she told the audience that the crux of confronting a situation and achieving success is to use the inner inspiration given to all men and be the change they desire, adding, in order to grasp this amazing, unlimited yet special concept one among other things must see differently and let the power inside rise to one’s consciousness, step forward and do not fear; for the only place one can go is up, remain conscious that what is happening inside is more important than what is happening outside, remaining focused and determined; not joining the chorus of complainers and naysayers as it saps one’s energy; letting the change begin with one as they are the carrier and creator of their destiny.

Earlier, she had thanked the President, the Bishop of the Episcopal Church, the faculty and administration of Cuttington for the invitation extended to her to speak at the convocation exercise of her alma mater, as well as congratulating the graduates for their academic feat.

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