“Go back to CPP” -UP Supporters Urge -Want Unified Opposition

MONROVIA – Amidst widespread jubilation from delegates, partisans and supporters of the opposition Unity Party who converged over the weekend in Gbarnga, Bong County to ensure the election of a new corps of officials, The Analyst has independently gathered from post-convention reflections that the Unity Party needs to exert all efforts to rejoin the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), if the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) must be democratically dethroned at the ballots in 2023.

According to a cross section of views sampled from Liberia and the Diaspora, it is generally the concern of supporters of the opposition camp that the Unity Party should bury the hatchet and reawaken the spirit of reconciliation within the opposition camp.

“We know the Unity Party is still the biggest gun in the opposition camp. But we also know that other constituent members of the CPP are equally important for the opposition to capture state power in 2023. It is so good that the UP held its convention without any confusion. The strategy must now be carried over to the CPP. The Unity Party cannot win 2023 without the solid backing of the opposition camp. We know what happened when the entire CPP supported Dillon and others in 2020, and we know what happened in Lofa with Galakpai Kortimai under a divided CPP,” says Sumo Kollie, a staunch Bong County supporter of the UP who spoke his mind immediately after the convention last Friday in Gbarnga.

As for Nyuma Tandapollie, a Lofa County citizen who resides in Zeinzue Town, Bong County, the Liberian people are tired of having a divided opposition.

“Unity Party must work with everyone to solve the problem in the opposition. The citizens are depending on the opposition to deliver us from evil in 2023. But how will they deliver us when they are fighting each other?” Mr. Tandapollie wondered.

“As much as we support our great Unity Party, we must support UP coming back to the CPP. In this manner, we are calling on our beloved party and our political partners including Mr. Urey and Senator Lawrence to sit down and talk with everyone. Let us swallow our pride. We need each other. Otherwise, let’s forget about 2023,” intoned Mr. Winston D. Fahnbulleh of the Diaspora.

The Unity Party convention which commenced July 27 and ended Friday, July 29, saw former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai being reelected as UP Standard Bearer unopposed; while Reverend Luther Tarpeh and Mr. Amos Tweh were elected as Chairman and Secretary General respectively, replacing businessman Amin Modad and former UP SG Mo Ali. Madam Cornelia Kruah-Togba was elected as Vice Chairman for Inter-Party Affairs.

Post-election maturity heralded

Immediately following the UP Gbarnga elections, the two main UP officials who lost their positions magnanimously conceded to their opponents, congratulating them for winning in a free and fair process.

Outgoing Chairman Amin Modad for his part immediately congratulated Rev. Luther Tarpeh on winning the Chairmanship of the Unity Party, and all those ascending to leadership.

“I thank the partisans (especially those who supported us) who braved all the challenges to participate in this convention to fulfill their democratic rights and obligations. Over the last 20 months, I was afforded the unique opportunity to serve and work with a phenomenal team of dedicated colleagues including Dabah M. Varpilah, Jeror Cole Bangalu ,R. Layfette Giddings, Cornelia Kruah-Togba, Ben A. Fofana, Whroway Bryant, Selena Mappy, Edmund Forh Forh, Christian Cooper, Henry Zohnweah, and others, who mean so well for the Party and Country.

“Together, we have set the platform for many possibilities. For this, I have no regrets. I’ll be remiss if I don’t express my deepest appreciation to the dynamic campaign team led by Cllr. Jeror Cole Bangalu and Alphonso Belleh, supported by Togar Melvin Cephas, Charles Roberts, and the staff at the UP National Headquarters including Zunu K. Duyann, Klubo Mulbah Bartee, Seamanee Kolleh, Victoria Hodge, etc who made our work easier. I thank all the political leaders with whom I interacted and worked with to influence change and make Liberia better. Finally, I thank my supportive and wonderful wife, Fredrica Perkins-Modad, and family for the sacrifices and support to be able to pursue my political path and support the Unity Party.  You all have inspired me and will always be part of my political journey. God Bless,” businessman Modad stated.

Outgoing UP Chairman Mo Ali also congratulated his counterpart Amos Tweh for ascending to the National Secretary General position of the Unity Party.

“Like I said during the debate, our commitment remains with the institution and our goal remains 2023. We will not waiver in our quest to ensure that a more formidable UP wins in 2023. We trust the ability of the new leadership and we trust they will do all they can for our victory. I also congratulate our Chairman elect, Rev. Luther Tarpeh. Our partisans have spoken and we must all abide. This is democracy.

“Over our one year 10 months service, we brought so much life to the party and achieved a lot together. We were able to avert so many catastrophes that would have effectively ended the existence of our party.

“Cornelia Kruah-Togba, Whroway Bryant, Ben Fofana, James Yolei, Christian Cooper, Emmanuel Kunneh Wreh Farr, Collins Tamba, Selena Mappy, Edmund Forh, Gayduo Zayzay, Frances Wright, Valerie Williams, Patience Randall, Nene Chieyoe, Simi Will Kuitay, Amb Evans Boima Tuku  and all the other winners, I say a big congratulations and I am super proud of you all. Dabah M. Varpilah, you are the mother of the team and I want to congratulate you for this super big victory. Now let’s go and get Cape Mount in 2023.

“Amin Modad, over the time I worked with you, you proved to be a real workaholic and an administrator. You took our party from a grass infested headquarters to one of the best headquarters any political party can boast of. I am proud of our work and achievements together.

“Cllr. Jeror Cole Bangalu, our great and effective Campaign Manager, you won 8 seats on the National Coordinating Committee. That’s a feat.

“Now to the man behind the scene, Alphonso Belleh, bro you are just great. You have led us through so many fights. We are all grateful to you.

“To all the staff at the National Headquarters, thank you so much for your service during my tenure. Continue your service and remain committed.

“Thanks to all of the delegates from the 15 counties who converged in Gbarnga over the last two days to make this National Convention a success. We are eternally grateful to you all. As I finally bow out of the National Secretariat, the National Coordinating Committee and the National Executive Committee, I am recommitting my energy and efforts to the Unity Party,” former SG Ali averred.

Responding on behalf of the news corps of UP officials, Chairman-elect Rev. Luther Tarpeh expressed his heartfelt appreciation to everyone who made the Convention successful.

“I want to thank the Unity Party delegates for a peaceful election in Gbarnga, Bong County. Now that the election is over, we must unite to move our party forward. The next 15 months are very crucial. I want to personally thank former Chairman Modad for congratulating me on the occasion of my ascendancy as the new Chairman of the Unity Party. I appreciate your personal contribution to the growth and development of our party under your leadership. Now that the elections are over, it is time to heal the wounds of the elections and come together to make the Unity Party a strong and vibrant political institution. The Liberian people are looking up to us to rescue this country, a mission we cannot trivialize. With God by our side, the mission will be accomplished.  Please be assured Mr. Modad and Mo Ali that we look forward to working with you to achieve this noble objective for our beloved motherland,” Rev. Tarpeh stated.

In the wake of the concession declarations from the two former UP officials and the acknowledgment of acceptance from the incoming UP National Chairman, an avalanche of commendations has been forthcoming about their political maturity.

Political commentator Abdullah Kiatamba believes the approach by Mr. Modad and Mr. Ali exemplifies true patriotism.

“Honestly, Mo Ali and Amin Modad are two patriots and battle-tested political actors who offered their best for their beloved country. Our salute and glowing tributes!” Mr. Kiatamba enthused.

“Certainly! Let me also join you in tipping my cap to the two gentlemen for their tireless efforts and services. Indeed, passion for country and people is so critical and pivotal for transformational leadership. Congratulations and best wishes to the new elected leaders. Let’s see how the chips are going to line up,” says Andrew G Paygar-Flangiah Jr.

Meanwhile, sources close to the Alternative National Congress (ANC) of Political leader Alexander B. Cummings disclosed to this paper, that while the current ANC configuration works to close a deal on the signing of a new framework arrangement with the Musa Hassan Bility faction of the Liberty Party (LP) by August 2022, after which the Unity Party might not want to join the CPP, options are still open until the closure of that deal.

“Otherwise, we will support whoever enters the second round in 2023. But as things stand, we are open to work with all parties within the opposition camp. We are not going to leave behind anyone. With the strategy we have in place, Weah won’t have any chance for the second round,” the ANC/CPP source stated confidently.

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