Gender Ministry Dismay About Female death -Says “It is troubling, unfortunate”

MONROVIA: The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MGCSP) has announced yesterday that it has expressed expresses serious disappointment over the untimely death of another woman following an acid attack that cost her life, describing it as troubling, unfortunate, and therefore, condemns in the strongest terms, such act that resulted to the death of a promising young woman. Gender at the same time extends deepest condolences to the bereaved family.

The Ministry learnt recently that Ms. Watta Sheriff, a 27year old girl who was ‘Acid Attack’ by her ex-boyfriend (Momoh Kanneh) in Lowah Town, Klay District, Bomi County, died after weeks of battling the severe wounds of the acid burn.

MGCSP describes the circumstances that led to the passing of Watta Sheriff, 27, as The Ministry sees the latest passing of another woman as a serious stumbling block in the ongoing fight against eradicating all forms of violence against women, children and the vulnerable population.

MGCSP finds it unthinkable that amid widespread public outrage about the danger of violence against women and children, some cruel elements continue to engage into unwholesome practices that are costing the lives of innocent women and children.

These continued waves of abuses underscore the need for urgent and a more robust, aggressive and collective national efforts geared towards eliminating all forms of violence against children, women and men.

The late Watta Sheriff was ‘Acid Attacked’ on Tuesday, January 30, 2024 by a man believed to be her daughter’s father in Lowah town, Klay District, Bomi County.  Following the attack, Watta was quickly rushed to the Tubmanburg Government Hospital to seek immediate medical attention. However, due to the severity of the wounds, she was transferred to the Redemption Hospital in New Kru town, where she later died.

The incident happened after Watta had earlier informed Momoh (her daughter’s father) that she was tired of the maltreated from him, and that, she was no longer interested in their relationship. The late Watta insisted that she wanted to return to her family in Lowah town, something she did and immediately relocated to Klay District. Momoh later followed her. There, he attempted to apologize but Watta was resolute and resisted all attempts by him to take her back to his Banjor residence. After realizing that Watta had continuously rejected his appeal, Momoh demanded that the late Watta return all the items her bought for her during the time of their six years relationship. Those items included a touchscreen and a button phone, and US$20.00. Though the matter was later resolved through the intervention of family members, Momoh clandestinely returned to Lowah town and criminally entered the home of the late Watta during which time he intentionally wasted the acid on her.

Gender Ministry further describes the death of Ms. Sheriff as a brutal manifestation of violence against women and girls, and therefore, calls on every Liberian to assist in heightening efforts to curtail such inhumane approach.

MGCSP terms Momoh’s action as wicked, diabolical and highly uncivilized, insisting that such approach of seeking remedy to a “love-story” should never be tolerated and must have no place in our society.

Additionally, the Ministry extends its deepest sympathy to the family of the Late Watta Sheriff and the women of Liberia , and once again, reassures this Government’s fullest commitment in ensuring that women, children and the vulnerable population are properly cared for and protected from all forms of violence, abuses and neglect.

At the same time, Gender calls on the Ministry of Justice to ensure that the alleged perpetrator is tried in keeping with the Penal Law of the Republic of Liberia, ensuring that the Sheriff’s family gets justice.

Meanwhile, the Ministry has committed itself to providing psychosocial assistance and counseling to the bereaved family and closely follow the adjudication of the case.

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