Gender Equity Hits LNP – Sudue Adm. Appoints 26 Female Police to Duty Post

Sallu K.Swaray

Police Inspector General, Col.  Patrick Sudue, says his administration stands ready to ensure gender balance in the Liberia National Police (LNP), noting that he is already a feminist who will no more relegate female police officers to being cooks in the kitchen. Instead, the LNP boss said he will do all within his good offices to encourage more women into relevant positions so as to balance the gender gaps in the Liberia National Police.

Inspector Sudue made the statement Wednesday, February 27, 2019 when he addressed a group of female police officers who gathered at the Alphonso Caine Police Headquarters to honor him on the Capital By-pass in Monrovia.

Speaking at a special gowning, certification and honoring ceremony initiated by 26 female police officers of the Montserrado County Detachment in Monrovia, Metro-1 Commander Inspector Mardea B. Edwins says the elevation of female officers into high ranking positions is a clear demonstration of gender equity by Colonel Patrick T. Sudue’s administration.

Inspector Edwins made the remarks on behalf of 26 female police officers of the Montserrado County Detachment at a well-attended program on Wednesday, February 27, 2019.

Inspector Edwins said it is unprecedented for 26 female officers of the LNP to be promoted and assigned to various zones and depots as commanders, administrative officers and chiefs of operations respectively upon graduation from the Liberia National Police Training Academy.

She accentuated in a special statement that since the restructuring of the Liberia National Police by UNMIL in the year 2005, what the Patrick Sudue administration has done for this detachment sets a historical record that can never be forgotten because, “we the female officers of this noble organization have been downplayed for so long”.

Inspector Edwins also noted that in recognition of Col. Sudue’s good work towards gender equity in the LNP, the police female officers have agreed in principles to give the police director his flower while he is still alive by honoring him on this date.

“We hope and pray that this recognition and consideration of gender equity will also be extended to other divisions, detachments, sections and units of the Liberia National Police; for it is said, “Behind every successful man there is a good wife.”

In his response to the honor, the Inspector General Sudue said his administration has a well gender balanced structure with several female police officers occupying strategic portfolios in the Police Force; something he said should be encouraged to have more women in the leadership of the police structure.

The LNP boss expressed his desire to never relegate the female police officers to sit at the back bench and don’t occupy any relevant position within the Police force. “I will do everything possible to have the women included into leadership roles of the Police,” he said.

Col. Sudue furthered he is already a feminist and that no more the female police officers would be used as cooks in the kitchen, saying that he will  do all within his good offices to encourage more women so as to balance the gender gaps in the Liberia National Police.

He furthered that through his good efforts, he has brought on board 26 female officers that are presently serving in various positions as zone and depot commanders; indicating that the LNP before had a lesser number of females in positions as compared to his administration, something that speaks to balancing male dominance and bringing females on par with their male counterparts.

“There are several women at the police who have earned for themselves a BSc and MSc degrees while some are currently studying at the various universities in the country.  With this in mind, Col. Sudue said when he leaves the stage of the police; he wants to leave and see that the gender equity increases by fully incorporating female officers to positions of competence, so as to balance the gender gaps between men and women at the level of the Liberia National Police.

For his part, the Director at the United States Embassy in Liberia, Basola Ojikutu said the U. S. Government has been substantially helping the Liberia National Police with training and technical assistance.

Madam Ojukutu said that the US Embassy has also helped in providing scholarships and training opportunities for the Liberia National Police and for women who are serving in the leadership of the police, which is a significant boost in advancing the capacity of female officers.

She indicated that her unit has provided scholarships at all level for over 100 female officers of the Liberia National Police who are studying in various fields of discipline and made a commitment to support for the Liberia National Police.

Also speaking at the occasion was the Swedish Ambassador accredited to Liberia, Ingrid Waterquist, commended the Liberia National Police as a special institution for the step taken to have gender equity within the police and said it is a clear manifestation of seeing women in the LNP leadership positions.

She indicated that Sweden is always committed in contributing to the LNP and will continue to render assistance to the Liberia National Police to make it a vibrant police force, and mentioned that Sweden has a police presence or representation that is providing training for the LNP.

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