Full Length of Challenge – Movement Vows; Frowns on Pres. Weah’s its laissez-fair

The Movement for Justice in Liberia is deeply troubled by the gruesome murder of Ms. Jackie Anderson. Ms. Anderson’s brutalized body was found in Monrovia few days ago only with a t-shirt on and completely naked from the waist down to her feet in a pull of blood. The Movement has therefore condemns strongly, this act of barbarism meted out against Ms. Anderson which led to her untimely death and frowns on the Government of President George Oppong Manneh Weah for its laissez-fair attitude towards the wave of cruel attacks and killings of Liberian women in recent time.

   In a press release issued over the weekend and signed by Ysyndi Martin-Kpeyei on behalf of the, the Movement said it has gathered that Ms. Anderson was allegedly gang raped and severely beaten to death which may have resulted to the profuse bleeding and dehumanized state of her body before it was mysteriously taken to the Abraham Roberts Funeral Home.

   The painful death of Ms. Anderson, Movement indicated in its release, is just one of the many horrible attacks on women in Liberia. It is inconceivable that these killings have become so prevalent in Liberia and yet the government has failed to bring the heartless perpetrators to justice.

   The Movement said this demonstrated silence and gross insensitivity of the government signals a sad chapter in the history of the country especially, where the prevalence of rape and murder of women don’t seem to matter anymore.

   “This vicious circle must stop, and the Movement is prepared to go full length in challenging Mr. Weah’s government to act appropriately in protecting the lives of the Liberian people, in particular women who have become the most vulnerable to these wicked attacks. As a matter of fact, ‘women’s rights are human rights’. As such, it is the responsibility of the government to unconditionally ensure their safety and protection.

  “To this point, it is further depressing to learn from the government through its Ministry of Justice that it cannot conduct autopsy on Ms. Anderson’s body because there’s no pathologist in the country. According to the government, it does not have the resources to hire a foreign pathologist. Hence, Ms. Anderson’s family should underwrite the cost.

   “This is unacceptable and must not continue unabated. The Movement would like to remind the government that it is her responsibility to provide security and protection for all Liberians irrespective of their political, social and economic status. Therefore, the Movement considers the government’s excuse of resource constraint as irresponsible and a bad premonition for national security.

  “Consequently, the Movement demands the government to do everything possible to hire a professional pathologist from the West African Region to conduct forensic autopsy on the body of Ms. Anderson to determine the actual cause of death which will eventually facilitate an acceptable investigation.

   “There must also be a serious investigation launched into the role of the Abraham Roberts Funeral Home in the mysterious collection and embalmment of Ms. Anderson’s body without the consent of family members.

    “This Funeral Home seems to have a history of collecting dead bodies enigmatically. It is a known fact that the lawful collection of dead bodies should never be under the cover of darkness or mysterious circumstances as reported in the case of the Funeral Home but rather, through the consent of the appropriate family members.”

   The Movement is seriously concerned about this apparent crime-facilitation role of the Funeral Home and therefore demands a speedy investigation into the matter. These investigations require logical conclusion so that justice can be served. The government should know that the Movement and the Liberian people will not take ‘NO’ for an answer.

   Meanwhile, the Movement will shortly contact its Attorneys in Liberia regarding these grave issues. Details of possible legal action against the government may ensue if it fails to act appropriately in bringing to an end these uncivilized and barbaric acts.

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