“Full Compliance to Medical Preventive Measures against Corona Virus” -MoE Urges Parents, Guardians and Students

In order to prevent and secure the lives of Liberian students in China and other countries that are affected by the deadly Corona Virus, the Ministry of Education is pleased to inform all parents and guardians as well as sponsors of students studying in the affected countries with the alarming Corona Virus to kindly inform them to abide by all rules and regulations regarding the preventive measures against the Corona Virus in the affected countries.

The Ministry of Education in a release issued over the weekend, said “Republic of Liberia is urging students from Liberia residing in the affected countries like China, Japan, Kenya and other countries where the virus has been discovered should fully comply and remain obedient to all medical preventive measures to avoid being affected or infested with this deadly disease.

“The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Education is commending all bilateral partners for their farsightedness and support to all Liberian students that are residing and acquiring knowledge from their countries through bilateral arrangements and agreement.

“However, the Ministry of Education on behalf of the Government of Liberia extends deepest condolences to the affected countries for the loss of lives through the unexpected and unprecedented outbreak of the deadly Corona Virus that has become a major threat for the existence of the human race globally.

“Finally, the Ministry of Education on behalf of the Government and people of Liberia is strongly advising all Liberia students to follow all health protocols accordingly to remain safe and healthy.

“Remember, your health is your wealth and our concern, the release concluded.

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