Former President Lauds Pres Weah -Ellen: ‘Glad That Dialysis Center Named After Me’

When President George Manneh Weah recently dedicated Liberia’s first-ever Dialysis Facility at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital and named it “the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Dialysis Center,” some pundits misunderstood the mood, positing that a President who ruled for 12 years and failed to establish such a critically vital medical facility did not deserve the favor. There were many others who however countered that line of thinking, stating amongst other things that the former President initiated the project and that we also left on the books major signature projects her regime initiated and completed, including the Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital in Tapata, Nimba County. More besides, the arguers forgot that in recent days, there comradeship between the two eminent Liberians have grown in strength, as evidenced by the reigning President’s recognition of his predecessor, naming a flagship initiative in her honor. And the former President acknowledges the honor with copious appreciation. The Analyst reports.

President George Manneh Weah on March 2, 2022, dedicated Liberia’s first Dialysis Center and named it in honor of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Dialysis is a treatment that filters and purifies the blood using a machine. This helps keep the patients’ fluids and electrolytes in balance when the kidneys can’t do their job.

Dialysis performs the function of the kidneys if they’ve failed. According to the National Kidney Foundation, end-stage kidney failure occurs when the kidneys are performing at only 10 to 15 percent of their normal function.

At the dedication ceremony recently in Monrovia, President Weah nearly shocked his audience rather pleasantly when he announced in a statement that the critical facility is named after his predecessor, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The President did not say much about the honor but many infer that it is out of courtesy for a former President to set the political and economic stage for him.

The former President reportedly developed the format and intent for the purchase of the Dialysis along former Health Minister Walter Gweinekalae. The former President is recorded and credited for battling and overcoming the deadly Ebola virus disease.

That her successor recognized her efforts and named the country’s first Dialysis in her honor appears a huge delight and she making her feelings public.

“I am delighted to see Liberia’s first dialysis center open to the public and honored to have it carry my name,” the former Liberian president wrote.

She added: “Thank you to @GeorgeWeahOff for carrying this life-saving project through to fruition. We are pleased to see the Dialysis Center at JFK come to fruition, which joins the Eye Center and Youth Eye Savers.”

She did not forget to recall a few of the landmark health projects undertaken and completed under her administration.

“Others are the Jackson F. Doe Hospital at Tapita, and to come the National Health Institute and the new Redemption Hospital.”

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