Foreign Minister Insists On Continuous Reforms -Receives Donation From Workers’ Assoc

Liberia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dee Maxwell Kemayan, has vowed to continue the reforms initiated by his administration to ensure that the welfare of staff here and those serving overseas is address to enhance their productivity.

“I see the work I do here as a mission and a calling, and I want to assure you that we will continue to remain focused on the task at hand, as the reforms here at the ministry remain on course” Minister Kemayan maintained.

Speaking over the weekend at his Capitol Hill office when he received an assortment of materials for janitorial services, medical drugs among others from the leadership of the workers’ association of his ministry, Mr. Kemayan insisted that his administration will remain unwavering and uncompromising until the ongoing reforms are indelible for future generations to benefit.

Although he did not mention such reforms, reports however have it that besides the cost of a booklet of Liberian ordinary passport being reduced from US$50 to US$40, workers at the home-office (MoFF-Monrovia), mainly Directors and other higher-ups have resumed getting their regular amenities including fuel while those overseas are now getting regular salaries and other amenities.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry boss noted that he has come to the job not for honors or praises, but to diligently serve and ensure that his services make impact on the Ministry’s staff and the Liberian public at large.

After thanking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Worker’s Association for the donation that included sizable columns of tissues, rubber buckets and barrels, brooms, a wheel barrow and medical drugs, Mr. Kemayan indicated that the gesture demonstrates their desire to improve the wellbeing of all employees.

However, Mr. Kemayan returned to the workers’ leadership US$200 given to him by the workers leadership for the purchase fuel for buses that convey employees to and from work; he instead appealed that the workers to redirects the money to other earmarked projects.

He explained that the Government of Liberia is fully supporting his ministry, adding that the ministry’s buses have been repaired and regular supply of fuel has been provided with the buses kept functional by his administration.

Speaking earlier, the President of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Workers’ Association, Madam Yah Yini, said the donation was in fulfillment of her leadership campaign and induction promises of effectuating a 90-day deliverable to benefit workers.

She said the 90-day deliverable under the code name ‘SHOT’ stands to address the peculiar needs of employees that include Sanitation, Health-Insurance, Office space for drivers and Transportation for employees.

According to Madam Yini, she challenged the Dee Maxwell Kemayan administration during her induction on June 9, 2021 to ensure that her association is a part of any decision that would impact workers, something she said has culminated in the good relationship between both the workers’ leadership and the administration thus igniting the gesture by her group.

In his remarks, the President of the Civil Servant Association of Liberia (CSAL), Mr. Moibah K. Johnson urged Madam Yini to be firmed and on the alert for detractors calling themselves Independent Ministry of Foreign Affairs Workers Association.

He described the so-called group as ‘Ghosts’ and urged the public not to give credence to such diabolical individuals in disguise as their intension is solely to destroy the good works Mrs. Yini has begun doing for the employees of the ministry.

Mr. Johnson who is also a staff of the Foreign Ministry said as the first President of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Workers’ Association in 2007-2008, he knows such group has never existed and stressed that if any employees has any particular problem, it is better to come forward and engage the leadership for redress rather than going to the public media.

He intoned that this situation is gradually rendering the ministry a laughing stock in the public and must stop. He called for unity among workers and wants the bickering to be quenched reiterating that civil servants are not politicians and should redirect their focus on their assigned technical jobs.

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