Flood Hits Unification Town -MPW Makes Swift Intervention; Assesses Causes of Flood

In what appears a perennial flooding at the Unification Town in Margibi County along the RIA Highway, a high-power assessment team of the Ministry of Public Works over the weekend arrived on the scene to assess and rescue the situation.

The team was led by Public Works Minister Mobutu Nyenpan and his Principal Deputy for Technical Services, Claude Langley and Assistant Minister for Planning and Research, James Randall.

The flooding which is inhibiting the free movement of scores of commuters and residents in the area is largely due to the heavy down pour of rain in the area, affecting private homes, shops, school buildings, amongst other structures by water flood.

Speaking to reporters in Unification Town, Minister Nyenpan described the incident as troubling, and said efforts are being made to remedy the situation.

He said, “A team of Public Works engineers have been instructed to swiftly assess the cause of the perennial overflowing of water in the area, especially on the main RIA route which is plied by both Liberians and international delegations and visitors”, Minister Nyenpan averred.

According to him, the issue of flooding is an age old problem that requires swift intervention by the Government, adding that efforts are currently ongoing to stop the overflowing for smooth and uninterrupted movement of citizens and other nationals plying the RIA Highway.

For his part, Deputy Public Works Minister for Technical Services Claude Langley pointed out that beginning this week engineers of the Ministry will further assess the cause of overflowing at various tributaries along the Du River including other river banks which might be responsible for the overflowing.

Langley said that drones will be used to capture a vivid flow of various tributaries aimed at devising an alternative pathway for the water.

The Unification Town flooding is a natural disaster which is not unique to Liberia, with many residents in the area calling on Government to remedy the situation.

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