Fishtown to Benefit from Modern Parking Station -As Cllr. Kunkunyon Teh Breaks ground

MONROVIA: To save the people of River-Gee from traveling distances to get Vehicle to come Monrovia or other places, a prominent son of River has taken the initiative to break ground for a modem parking station in Fishtown, the Capital City of River-Gee County.

Cllr. Kunkunyon Teh, the prominent son of the county, has embarked upon the construction of the modern parking station costing some US$15,000 in Fishtown, the capitol city of the River-Gee County, to improve the transportation infrastructure in the county.

The Liberian lawyer is among some Liberians breaking through the clutches of challenges to become successful in the society today continue and returning to their respective communities and impact residents positively

Making the disclosure of his project to The ANALYST, Mr. Teh said t over the weekend that the ground breaking for the modern parking station project on Saturday, April 6, 2024 was a welcomed development for the county, having received several appeals from the citizens of the county.

The Liberian lawyers and a son of River-Gee asserted, “It should be noted that several other persons have promised but failed to undertake the project which citizens see as a top priority for the city.”  He maintained that citizens from Fishtown have to travel to Karnweaken or Pleebo to get Vehicle to travel to Monrovia or other places.

Cllr. Teh puts the cost of the project at around USD15, 000 to which he made an initial contribution of USD1, 000 while pledging to procure the necessary materials for the project to start within a week.

The groundbreaking ceremony was graced by the elders, chiefs and county authorities. A traditional ceremony, including from blessings elders, was held.

Cllr. Kunkunyon is a Liberian Lawyer who hails from River Gee County.

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