“First Round Victory For Weah” -CDC Youth League Leader declares

By Stephen G. Fellajuah

MONROVIA – The Revolutionary National Youth League of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change has declared that President George Manneh Weah and his Coalition for Democratic Change is taking nothing less than a first round victory in the ensuing 2023 general  elections where the President will be seeking re-election.

Speaking at a local intellectual center in West Point, CDC Youth Chairman Emmanuel M. Johnson made the declaration while responding to a series of questions posed to him on the chances of the President in his re-election bid and his party. “Voter Perception Survey conducted by development partners with opinion polls show a massive first-round victory. We want to declare today that the CDC has won these elections and will take nothing less than a first-round victory in 2023″

According to the Youth leader, the Liberian people are resolved to sustaining the unprecedented development and leadership been exhibited by President Weah and will only be going to the ballot in October, 2023 for the formality, adding that they didn’t read about poverty, but live in poverty and all they were asking for is leadership and they have a better one in President Weah 

“We can assure you there will be no second round. So prepare your inauguration suit for January 2024”, he further added.

The CDC Youth Chairman also informed the audience that very soon the Youth League will be releasing the names of internal traitors whom he said, are undermining the government and working with the opposition to undermine the government. 

“To all government officials who are constantly undermining the system, very soon the Youth League will be asking you to step aside or you will be made to step aside “ He noted.

“In the coming years, this Youth League will be all out advocating for decent conditions for our people at various ministries, agencies, commissions and concession areas. We will be standing with the marginalized and affected masses of our people “. Chairman Johnson intimated 

Johnson further noted that the CDC Youth League under his leadership will be launching a farm program in all the fifteen political subdivisions of the country. “We will be launching a Youth in Agriculture project. A program aimed at encouraging many young people to participate in agricultural activities as a means of reducing poverty and food insecurity in the country”, he said.

“This project will take place in all the fifteen political subdivisions of our country.  We call on all partisans, well-wishers and sympathizers to join the Youth League in this noteworthy endeavor”, he emphasized.

He mentioned that the Youth League is concerned and keenly interested in knowing why the international community and partners are mute over the carrying of illegal arms by the bodyguard of Mr. Cummings at a rally. Noting that these people are out for nothing less than chaos and want to come to power by all unconstitutional means.

“We call on the international community to speak out and stop remaining silent on the national security threat Mr. Cummings and his ANC continue to exhibit daily”, he said.

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