First Lady Not Tested Positive

The Office of the First Lady has described as “untrue and grossly wrong” an erroneous online publication alleging that Clar Marie Weah is tested positive of the Coronavirus disease.

A press release signed by the Director of Press, Arthur Too Yenene Douglas, Jr, said the information is not just grossly wrong, it also undermines every effort to halt the stoking of fear and panic through the publication of fake news during this critical time.

“Madam Weah has not visited Jamaica in the past four years as claimed by the network, known simply by the acronym CBN. Although on a trip to France, the First Lady has been in close touch with her family back home, getting updated regularly on development.”

In the wake of this, the government has urged all to refrain from the perilous act of politicking during this time of national crisis, the release said and added that as the authorities are at work strenuously to bring the virus under control, everybody, including the press, ought to play their part, the release concluded.

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