First Lady Donates 30-seater Bus for Transport Ministry Women

MONROVIA – The First Lady of the Republic of Liberia Clar Marie Weah has donated a 30-seater bus to the Ministry of Transport in response to a request by the female employees of the Ministry.

The white bus was handed over on Tuesday, January 17, 2023, during a brief program at the Transport Ministry Headquarters on Warren and Carey Streets in Central Monrovia.

In a statement, Mrs. Weah disclosed that the gesture fulfilled her commitment to address the plight of the Transport Ministry women as they had passionately appealed during an engagement months ago.

“During our discussions, you asked for a bus for you to enable you get to and from work, which would ease the financial burden on you,” the First Lady recalled.

“In fulfillment of your request and my promise to you, and in memory of Assistant Minister Nuwoe A. D. Scott, I present to you this 30 seater bus which I hope will serve the needed purpose,” Mrs. Weah asserted.

 The bus is in honor of the fallen former Assistant Transport Minister for Administration and Insurance because of her role in attracting the Liberian First Lady to the Ministry of Transport.

Mrs. Weah paid tribute to the late Assistant Minister Scott, noting that she was not only “a Public Servant par excellence” and “ultra-dedicated to our nation and the Pro Poor Agenda” but also “dear to our hearts.”

The First Lady went on to praise the incredible contributions of Liberian women from all walks of life and vowed to remain supportive of their efforts.

“As your First Lady, I am here with the hope of continuing a presence with all of our people, especially our women, who as valuable Liberians, are championing the development of our nation by their unwavering support.

“Our hardworking women of Liberia serve with dignity and integrity and I am pleased to identify with you always, especially with all of you here at the Ministry of Transport. 

 “… I am grateful indeed for your contribution,” Mrs. Weah intoned.

She said the engagement with Transport Ministry’s women was part of a series of conversations to understand the challenges women at various levels of society were faced with.

In addition to the Transport Minister Women, the First Lady also met with members of the Army Wives Association and the fishmongers of Popo-Beach.

The initiative is under the auspices of her flagship program- She’s You Movement, which seeks to improve the lives of women and girls across the country.

Just as she has done for the Transport Ministry women, the First Lady fulfilled her promise to the Army Wives Association by constructing a modern vocational training center for them.

Mrs. Weah is also working with the National Fishery Authority for the construction of a facility for the fishmongers in the Popo-beach Community.

According to her, delivering on promises to the people is a priority to the first family.

“As you all know, your President and I envision The new Liberia where promises must be kept in order for the hopes, dreams and aspirations of our people to remain alive,” Mrs. Weah noted.

In response, the Ministry of Transport, headed by Minister Samuel Wulu expressed profound gratitude to the First Lady for her kind gesture.

For their part, the Transport Ministry women thanked the First Lady for responding to their request, noting that the donation is a manifestation of being a true Mother of the Nation.

The women were jubilating, singing songs of praise and worship as they went around Central Monrovia on a test drive.

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