First Lady Distributes Huge Consignment of Health Kits Girls in Bomi

The First Lady, Mrs. Clar Marie Weah held an interactive forum to educate adolescent girls on sexual and reproductive health issues in Tubmanburg, Bomi County yesterday, and distributed huge consignment of health packs to dozens of school age girls. The interaction was an itinerary of her activities as part of the presidential visit to Bomi,
Addressing the girls, Mrs. Weah stressed that it was important for them know their body well by understanding the various changes, including their menstrual cycle, that will occur as they grow, and how to respond appropriately. She disclosed that the lack of such awareness makes adolescent girls and young ladies afraid and confused about what to do as soon as they begin to see their period.
The Liberian First Lady said she is embarking on this initiative to provide the requisite information because she experienced it herself at the time she had no one to adequately educate her. Hence, she said she was obliged to share some information to the girls.
Menstruation and the lack of knowledge and hygienic resources to manage it pose some serious negative consequences on girls’ education; and Studies show that menstruation is a major cause for girls’ early dropout from school, as many of them, being ashamed and sometimes not being unable to access sanitary resources, stay home.
According to UNESCO worldwide, 131 million girls are out of school — and 100 million of those are girls of high school age, making girls less likely than boys to graduate from secondary school.
While providing essential health tips and demonstrating how to use sanitary pads, Mrs. Weah told a huge gathering of girls that no one is well placed to educate them other than the First Lady and Mother of the Nation.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Weah, accompanied by the President, H. E. Dr. George Manneh Weah distributed a huge consignment of health packs, each of which contains sanitary pads, toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitizer and bath soap.
The Liberian First Lady urged the girls to use the materials to maintain good personal hygiene, assuring them of her commitment to continue to work with them, providing the needed support in various ways possible.
The engagement which took place at the multipurpose building in Nyela, on the outskirts of Tubmanburg, is part of the First Lady’s flagship program, “She’s You Movement”, which seeks to improve the lives of women and girls through empowerment and advocacy for a better and prosperous Liberia.
The forum brought together hundreds of girls from all walks of life, including students, between ages 9 and 19 years.

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