First Lady Clar Weah Bids Liberians Farewell -Says, “My Love For This Country And People Is Boundless”

MONROVIA: As President George Manneh Weah ends his tenure today, his wife, Mrs. Clar Marie Duncan Weah yesterday made an emotional and inspirational farewell speech to Liberians, thanking them for the support given her through her tenure as First Lady, saluting the citizens for their resilience and stressed that “While not born within Liberia’s borders, my love for this country and its people is boundless. Liberia’s rich history, vibrant culture and the indomitable spirit of its citizens have become an integral part of who I am”.

In a podcast message to Liberians early Sunday morning, January 21, 2023 and later on shared on her official Facebook page, Mrs. Weah who is credited for bringing glamor, hard work, dedication and commitment to the cause of emancipation of the women folks, especially unprivileged girls in Liberia through her Clar Hope Foundation, said as her time as First Lady of Liberia came to an end, she has wonderful memory of the support she got from Liberians and vowed to carry on what she did while serving in her capacity even out of office.

“To all my beloveth Liberians, as my time as first lady has come to an end I bid farewell to the distinguished role of first lady of Liberia.  Serving in this capacity has been an extraordinary privilege connecting me deeply to the hearts and soul of this remarkable nation. As I embark on a new chapter, I want to reassure you that my commitment to uplifting our girls and youths and especially underprivileged women remains resolute through the Clar Hope foundation.

“The Clar Hope foundation will continue to focus on transformative pillars. I had the honor of championing education particularly for the underprivileged girls. The school we established stands as testament to our unwavering commitment to empower the next generation. Despite the political outcome, our dedication to education remains resolute.

“Education as the cornerstone of progress, empowers individuals to shape their destinies. Our special emphasis of uplifting underprivileged women stands from the belief that empowering women is not just a moral imperative but a catalyst for societal progress.

“Through education we aspire to break barriers and create opportunities for women facing adversities, contributing to a more equitable Liberia. My time as first lady has deepened that bound and I am grateful for that experience that has fueled my dedication to Liberia’s wellbeing.

“As I step away from the role of Liberia’s first lady I extend my heartfelt wishes for the ongoing development of Liberia. My unwavering faith and the resilience of the Liberian people is my guiding light. Together with steadfast faith and resilience we can overcome challenges and pave the way for the future that is bright and full of promise.

“May Liberia continue to thrive guided by the spirit of unity towards the future where every citizen irrespective of their background has the opportunity to flourish. Thank you for your support and I eagerly anticipate witnessing the continuous growth and prosperity of our beloved nation.

“To end, I want to wish our incoming president and first lady elect, all the luck in the world to put Liberia forward. God bless you all, God bless Mama Liberia”, she concluded.

As part of her activities lined up for her departure, the amiable former first lady invited the incoming first lady Mrs. Katurmu Boakai to her office at the Executive Mansion where both held a frank discussion mostly centered on supporting the cause of women empowerment and how both of them could partner to work on common goals.

A day after the meeting at the Executive Mansion, the outgoing first lady invited Mrs. Boakai at the Clar Hope Foundation office and project site to see facilities put in place for the education and empowerment of underprivileged girls to the admiration of Mrs. Boakai.

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