“Fire RIA Management” – Bishop Brown -Says Liberian Gov’t will be Liable for Future Disaster

In the wake of the Wednesday, April 27 near-crash landing of an SN Brussels flight from Europe to Liberia due to the lack of electricity at the Roberts International Airport runway, the President of the Liberia Council of Churches, Bishop Kortu Brown, says the Government of Liberia will be held liable for any future disaster at the airport.

The venerable Liberian prelate also called on President Weah to immediately fire the RIA management or compel them to resign.

Speaking with The Analyst Thursday, Bishop Brown noted that the lack of concrete and detestable action on the part of the government is largely responsible for the poor state of management of Liberia’s premier airport.

“There has to be some accountability at the airport. The President must demonstrate that he’s interested in the country going forward. He must stand for accountability and productivity by firing the management, or the RIA management must resign immediately to save the country the embarrassment they are bringing to Liberia,” Bishop Brown stated.

He furthered that, for the airport to continuously be in darkness, thus preventing the immediate landing of aircrafts, means bad business messaging for the country and the global community.

“What if that SN Brussels aircraft didn’t have enough fuel last night to reach Freetown? What could have happened? Why are we putting passengers under such an unwarranted situation?” Bishop Brown wondered, cautioning it is now time to take the necessary drastic action to avert a future disaster that the government would be held liable for.

“The irresponsible management of the airport is making the country look too bad,” the Liberian relate averred.

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