Farleys Decry Zogos’s Presence On Property -Lament Threat To Their Lives

MONROVIA : In their persistent claims against Representative Abu B. Kamara that the lawmaker has been employing all means to illegally  take possession of a parcel of land belonging to the them, the Farley’s Family has decried the continuous presence of some disadvantaged youth they referred to in the local Liberian parlance as zogos who were allegedly sent there by Rep. Kamara, an action seen by the Farleys as threat to their lives and made a passionate appeal to the Inspector General of Police, Patrick Sudue to avert any unforeseen circumstance.

Speaking to The Analyst over the weekend, the Farley family who said they could not fathom why there is no definite and sensible reason for the presence of zogos on their private property, raised an alarm that the situation poses serious threat to their lives.

“There is a feeling of the presence of death and helplessness in the face of danger, a feeling that has now been brought on us by the presence of thugs and Zogos acting under the direction of a sitting lawmaker of our district, the one who supposedly should be a role Model, a representative of Peace and reconciliation in our society and a policy maker.

“This is very disgusting, appalling, an affront to Justice, the Rule of Law and a blatant Abuse of Power with threats of death”, Garlo Farley said.

The family said Representative Kamara is yet to provide a definite defence for being on a private property whether it is the exercise of Eminent Domain by the government or he has been appointed by the government as the Commissioner in Chief of Lands or Land Commission for the government of Liberia.

They maintained that should Mr. Kamara decide to follow the Rule of Law, the case is in two separate Jurisdictions, a Civil Matter and a Criminal Matter and added that zogos are not court officers,  neither lawyers or legal representatives, law enforcers or judges. “We are waiting for you in court, please come!!”, Garlo Farley cautioned Hon. Kamara.

Meanwhile in a letter written to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) dated June 8, 2023 a copy of which is in possession of The Analyst, the family complained of “threats of death and destruction of properties directed to and upon us by the intentions and actions of Hon. Abu B. Kamara,  representative of District #15 to forcibly takeover part and parcel of our property for the development of a mini-football field and the many continued verbal threats of death, destruction of property (we will burn your houses down) and mob actions received daily from and by those under his authority”

The family said this has been an ongoing saga which began from the 19th of May, 2023 when youth acting under the authority of Mr. Kamara, by 2 am in the morning, removed a tree on the footpath of their property to begin development of a mini-football pitch in the Logan Town, SDA Community Area.

“Despite all attempts, all actions to bring this matter to a legal, lawful and non-violent resolution, Hon. Abu B. Kamara continues to instruct thugs to remain on the property who continue to  pose threats to our aged mother and us- our lives and properties, by their words and actions”, the letter said.

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