Exposing the Unity Party “Trojan Horse” -Atty. Yeakula Fingers Leading Talk Show as Govt Collaborator

MONROVIA – The fallout from Unity Party Standard Bearer Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s recent hospital podcast released  on social media is taking monumental proportions as a lead critic of the Unity Party says she believes President George Manneh Weah has planted a Trojan horse in the Unity Party camp to expose the weaknesses of the UP and its standard bearer and split the opposition vote for Montserrado senatorial race so the ruling party (CDC) can win.

Making the jaw-dropping statement on her social media page on Monday, January 16, 2023, Alternative National Congress (ANC) stalwart Attorney Moriah Yeakula warned, the sooner UP realizes that talk show host Costa is a Trojan horse for George Weah, the better for them and the opposition.

“Costa first mission given him to get UP out of CPP was achieved. His next mission is to expose the weaknesses of UP and JNB in the name of “supporting” and to split the opposition vote for Montserrado senatorial race so CDC can win.

“What sense does it make to post a video of the old man in his hospital room in pajamas? That video was only intended to confirm that the old man was still admitted when UP had said the old man was discharged and home. Then he posted those photos which was also intended to confirm that indeed the old man had suffered a stroke as was speculated, even though UP had said it was for a quick checkup.

“Everything UP tried to cover up, it was Costa who exposed it and they think he’s supporting them? Y’all wait for it. Costa will continue to bring UP and the old man to public ridicule in the most unsuspecting ways. He will never publicly antagonize UP again cuz that will cause them to cut him off and he can’t afford to be at a distance. He can only do CDC bidding by fighting the opposition and UP from within, with the access and control he’s been given.

“Y’all really think a whole pay-to-play blackmailer like Costa just decided to support UP for free in 2023, right? The same person who Wilmot Paye said UP had to pay to support them during the second round. Immediately after that, he supported the Weah gov’t again in 2018-2019. Suddenly he’s in love with the same man he called dead man walking and a sadistic tribalist? Make it make sense.

“This is someone who said the government was after him and he had to escape but while in “exile” Weah was calling him regularly and when he knew it was about to leak, he informed the public quickly. His charges were suddenly dropped. He returned home and met with Weah. Da for free? Anyways… I can talk on my own. Those who have ears….” Madam Fofana warned.

The statement from Atty. Yeakula comes against the backdrop of renowned talk show host Henry Costa releasing a podcast releasing on January 14, 2023 showing a frail -looking VP Boakai in pajamas speaking from his hospital bed saying he is well and might even consider attending the National County Meet finals at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Complex on Sunday.

The release of that video and subsequent photographs showing a much frailer VP Boakai being escorted from the ELWA Hospital elicited a flurry of mixed reactions from sympathizers and critics of the opposition Unity Party, with many opining that the video actually exposed former VP Boakai and did more harm than good to his image; while others called out Madam Gbowee for making judgmental statements about Ambassador Boakai’s medical condition and his political ambition as if she is his doctor to advise him to retire from politics because of reported ill health.

After the exposure of the podcast and the photographs, Moriah Yeakula did not hide her disgust about what she sees as an optical blunder on the part of Ambassador Boakai’s handlers.

“The video + photos of JNB leaving the hospital da the reason for the public outcry. Leave Leymah n blame the Trojan horse who intentionally posted them for the world to see how sick the oldman is. Henry Costa will be the undoing of the UP,” Atty. Yeakula had blasted at the time.

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