Expectations High For Oil in Bong -Nigerian Exploratory Firm Cautions about Commercial Find -Bong Citizens Upbeat about Crude Oil Discovery

Liberia has not been lucky, as least yet, in its desperate hope for crude oil within its land and marine borders. Even after a swarm of experts had searched nearly two dozens of self-declared wells of oil off its coast, the country’s hope still remains farfetched despite assurances that the country is situated on the same geographic belt with other West African oil-producing countries. There comes yet another hope-innovating news, this time from landlocked Bong County where a Nigerian oil company (DEECO Oil and Gas Ltd) has reported smelling a semblance of the precious resource. But as The Analyst’s Bong County correspondent D. Patrick Tokpah reports, the company is urging citizens to manage their expectations and pray for commercial fine which certainly could be the magic wand to the county and the country’s economic woes.

Bong County citizens in their thousands have greeted the news of the discovery of Crude Oil in the County as a great news and said if the crude oil discovered is of huge commercial quantity, it will be a reason while the life of the citizens of the county as well as the country will transformed in term of development.

The Bong County citizens are cautioning their local leaders and their legislative caucus to work with the DEECO Oil and Gas Ltd in the process that will lead to determining whether the Crude Oil discovered is of commercial quantity for the betterment of the County.

Following an assessment by DEECO Oil and Gas Ltd based in Nigeria, the citizens of Bong County were informed last Thursday, July 4, 2019 that Crude oil has been discovered in the County along the Jor River in Gbarnga city.

The Chairman of DEECO Oil and Gas Ltd, Dr. Sunday Ayokunle Popoola who broke the news to a cross section of citizens at the Administrative Building in Gbarnga, on Thursday, July 4, 2019 said “after conducting a test it is now confirmed by DEECO that oil is being found underground of the Jor River”.

        According to our correspondent, Sand miners along the Jor River have been reporting the emergence of fuel from underground when they are going about their mining activities. This drew the concern of stakeholders in the County including District #3 Representative Josiah Marvin Cole who recently invited a Nigerian oil company to investigate whether it was actually crude oil.

“The Jor River is located in the area where the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Market is being constructed near the old LEC local office in the Gbarnga”, a citizen of Bong County residing in Monrovia told our reporter.

  Also speaking at the Town Hall, the Bong County Development Superintendent Anthony Boakai Sheriff described the discovery as a new day for the people of Bong and Liberians in general and is calling on the Christian and Muslim Communalities, as well as the Traditional people of Bong County to pray for the crude oil to be in huge commercial quantity.

“We want our people to pray because if the crude oil is in commercial quantity, we as citizens of this county will benefit hugely because more investors will come in invest here and that will bring development,” Sheriff said.

In an interview with Bong County Inspector Victor Wesseh, after the Town Hall pronouncement by DEECO, he said the presence of the Chairman of DEECO & Gas Ltd in the County shows that there is Crude oil in the Jor River.

The Bong County Inspector who said he and the DEECO Team have been touring along the Jor River in other to determine whether the Crude oil can also be found in other parts of the river in Gbarnga, furthered the fact that DEECO Chairman, Nigerian oil tycoon Dr. Sunday Ayokunle Popoola has announced to the people of Bong County that it will cost his company about forty million United States Dollars just to do the exploration, we as citizens of the County are of the hope that exploration will discover huge commercial quantity of the Crude Oil.

Dr. Popoola further added during his pronouncement at the Gbarnga Town Hall that with the discovery of the crude oil his Company will now focus on exploration to see whether the oil is in huge commercial quantity.

DEECO Oil and Gas Ltd is a leading indigenous petroleum company in Africa and one of the largest independent oil and gas producer/petroleum product marketer in the world within 10 years of operation.

The DEECO Chairman Popoola said they will only carryout mining activities, if their exploration proof that the oil is in huge quantity that can be marketed.

“We are committed to excellence and delivering with international best global practices, and we intend to exceed expectations,” Dr. Popoola added.

The Nigerian oil tycoon said it will cost his company about forty million United States Dollars just to do the exploration.

He said even though it is a big risk investing such money in exploration, but it will also bring huge benefits if the oil is in commercial quantity.

Chairman Popoola wants the people of Bong County to pray to God, stating “when the oil is in commercial quantity it will be a new day for Bong County and Liberia”.

He further said “if the oil is in commercial quantity in ten years Liberia will be like Europe and Gbarnga will be like Dubai in the United Arab Emirates”.

Dr. Popoola informed the citizens of Bong that Liberia is the first Country in Africa to get its independent, but it is the least Country in Africa in turn of development, noting only Africans can build Africa.

The Crude oil and Gas expertise boastfully said his Company has one of the best petroleum engineers in the world, because his engineers have worked in the West and Africa.

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